How Did I Come to Practice Heilkunst?

They say that “youth is wasted on the young”, and I certainly spent my formative years wandering without a plan, from one subject of interest to the next. I began university enrolled in one course of study, but graduated from a completely different department. When I began my B.A. In Psychology, I was full of interest in learning about the workings of the mind, but by the time I had completed it, I was feeling bereft of having learned anything either meaningful or practical for what I wanted to do with my professional life. Learning about the biochemical workings of the brain, and its manipulation with pharmaceutical drugs was very far from what I was looking for, which had for more to do with the inner workings of the mind itself, and how to discover its deeper meaning through dreams, archetypes, or other cultural reference points.

Other than putting my diploma into a nice frame, I found no other immediate practical use for it, at least as far as my desire function was seeking. I spent the following handful of years studying music, as the best substitute I could find regarding a field of study which revealed something about the human mind within cultural and historical forms of creativity.

What I didn’t know during any of this time (you know what they say about hindsight), was that my desire function was driving me towards the field of Heilkunst, which combines both a scientific as well as artistic approach to understanding the human mind, while also providing a practical modality for actually affecting a significant change in its healthy functions.

As much as I felt lost through those years, the work I do now would not be as rich and fulfilling had I not picked up those superficially unrelated pieces of study aimed at both the left and right side of my brain. The systematic, scientific approach of Heilkunst Medicine appeals to my desire for a concrete methodology with which to help people; and its deep connection to the inner workings of the mind, along with an artistic appreciation for the human being as being something other than matter and mechanics fulfills the entire scope of my mind and its desire function.

If you haven’t uncovered your desire function yet, keep looking within for clues in terms of which way your “compass” is pointing, and which activities seem to spontaneously light up your enthusiasm. Please share any of your own revelations, large or small, about how you discovered some or all of your desire function.

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