From Typological to Individual Resonance : a Meditation on Freedom and Constraint

Much resistance from patients comes in the form of not liking being “told” what to do. Part of the fear comes from the possibility of losing their perceived freedom to eat however they see fit for themselves. Sometimes, it goes deeper than having emotional attachments to food into the more powerful realm of beliefs — dietary beliefs can be some of the most entrenched and difficult to engage openly about with some patients.

The more a patient has a willingness to look past their emotional attachments and beliefs about food to consider new ideas about their diet, the more benefit they can derive from the nutritional plan I help them to prepare. I certainly understand the nature of beliefs, as I, myself, was a very rigid vegetarian in my 20s, despite the fact that my strong belief system was contributing to my health getting worse over time. Based on my nutritional typologies, a meat-less diet is not at all suitable for me, and I wish I had come to this concession much sooner!

In general, the greater the health challenges you are having at a given point in time, the better off you’ll be conforming to one or more nutritional typologies, and the more effective will be the homeopathic treatments at reversing the underlying disease process. Depending on the exact nature of your imbalances, I’ll guide you to one or a combination of nutritional typologies which best mirror your present condition.

During this phase (of reduced health), I liken these typological constraints to ensuring that the farm animals are fenced in to the pastures which contain the grasses or other food sources which are optimized for the animals health. Due to all of the toxic plants around the farm, it is in the animals best interest to be limited to the healthier food options.

On the other hand, the greater your health is, the greater is your capacity to select food day by day based on its unique resonance to you at that moment in time. It takes a greater health to be able to do this, as the gut mind, or intuition are one of the first things to go when health deteriorates. This is another reason that the more generic resonance of typology is more suited during a point of lesser health — it’s much more reliable to know whether a given food “is your type”, or not. It is challenging to eat on individual resonance, as you also need to be able to distinguish the difference between attraction and resonance. What we usually call a ‘craving’ is based on attraction, which “seems like a good idea at the time”, but actually robs the body of nutrition and/or energy. A resonant diet (as with all things resonant) provides nutrition, energy, and fulfilment at all levels.

One more example about typological resonance vs. individual resonance : The homeopathic constitutions (6 genotypes or personality types) typically pair up in certain romantic matches. This is another example of resonance through typology (“Sorry, you’re not my type”). Again, the greater the health and energy of an individual, the greater the possibility of a marriage generated out of an individual resonance, rather than a typological one. For the record, I don’t often see this happen, but I have experienced a few examples of this.

As with everything about resonance, the more you explore it, and unfold it within yourself, the larger it’s scope becomes. Wishing you resonance today and always….

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