How do Homeopathic Remedies Work?

Much of the public discussion about homeopathic remedies has led to the interesting area of “the memory of water”.  Dr. Emoto from Japan is one of the most famous figures within this topic, and some of the German scientists in this area appear in this video:

There seems to be no end to the heat in this debate, but to step back for a moment and look at this issue from a Heilkunst perspective, it is necessary that we expand the terms of our discussion from only being focussed on the physical (mineral) body, into the other bodies (see my previous blog on the four bodies).

To begin to understand some of these ‘special’ properties of water, we need to consider the etheric body (plant or ‘life function’) in addition to the physical or mineral body. It is the living, functional nature of the etheric body within water (and likewise the human being’s etheric body who is receiving the homeopathic remedy) which is able to both receive and retain impressions of living entities. To limit the discussion only to the physical body arbitrarily constrains the discussion to a level at which there can never be any definitive answers about a process which is connected to the realm of life, and not simply to the realm of dead matter.

There are any number of similar anomalies which point to some sort of limitation or dead-end in the material world view, and which invite a true scientific mind to let go of their assumptions and presumptions, in order to see in a broader and more comprehensive way the reality of living nature. Likewise, a broader conception of the human being in health and disease can be more fruitfully explored once any unnecessary contraints to thinking or perception have been let go.

Suddenly, what seemed a mysterious or even impossible fact, now is seen within a larger context, and sense and meaning overcome mystery and confusion. This is not the realm of materialism, or even mysticism, but a true life science.

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