Another Birth Time Line Story : Clearing Oxygen Deprivation

As I’ve written previously, children will often be easier to treat than adults for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that their behaviour and expression in life is usually more direct, and unfiltered. They act out exactly what they are feeling or thinking in a way that makes it very easy to identify a clearly matching remedy for their state of mind.

I had one child in treatment a few years ago, who, over the course of one summer, kept having ‘accidents’ which involved either strangulation or other forms of oxygen deprivation. Whether involving ways of play where she’d wrap things around her neck, but then they’d get too tight, or the more frightening moment when she fell into the family’s backyard pool (before she knew how to swim).  Why was this girl repeatedly having occurrences of oxygen deprivation?

As the mother described these events to me, I started to wonder why the child kept acting out this same type of trauma repeatedly. We re-examined the child’s time line, which had already been completely treated, or so we thought! When we re-examined the nature of the birth event for this girl’s time line, we realized that her birth had been treated as a normal birth, but that the Mother had forgotten to write down that she had been born blue, with the cord wrapped around her neck!

It was obvious, then, that this missing piece from the girl’s time line would be the next thing to clear with a time line remedy, as her life force was clearly driving her to re-enact this trauma, as the next blockage to be removed from her natural and healthy life function. Patients often worry that they might have forgotten to put something on their time line, but I always assure them that their life force will always indicate what it needs, whether through symptoms, behaviours, or occurents (events which happen ‘to’ us).

There are a great number of possible interventions in the modern birth event, and I’ve learned to explore the available information about a patient’s birth in every detail possible, in order not to overlook any possible aspect of the birth trauma that will need to be cleared. Even in a straightforward, easy, natural birth, the natural forces of compression on the head and spine are enough to warrant the basic “birth formula” of remedies which we start with, with just about every time line treatment.

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