“What’s missing from ‘energy’ work?”

I understand the general motivation and intention of the field of “energy medicine”, as being a complementary approach to the purely “physical” perspective of conventional medicine. My own approach with medical Heilkunst includes energy work, after all. But what is missing from this general concept of energy work? This is the question that is always ringing in my own mind whenever I hear someone mentioning it.

To begin to illustrate this, I’ll start with something that is closest to me, which is the ‘pathic’ side of homeopathic prescribing. That is, the use of a homeopathic remedy in order to cure and relieve a given set of symptoms, which are currently being suffered. Almost all of the field of homeopathic medicine, as well as naturopathic medicine is solely using this aspect of treatment. This is from the ‘energy’ side of health and disease — that is, when the body is manifesting a given set of symptoms, it is really a discharge of a certain energy that the body is engaging in. Likewise, the remedy used to treat this is helping to dispel this energy (hence “energy work” or “energy medicine”).

The other side of treatment is much more important — in order for any energy field to exist in the first place, it must be contained within a formative “force field”. Unfortunately, we never hear about “force field medicine”, but only “energy field medicine”. The force field precedes the energy field, and the former is necessary for the latter to exist. In a complete system of medicine, both force and energy fields need to be addressed in order to truly transform the patient’s state of health, and not simply play the shell game with the manifesting symptoms.

This is where Heilkunst shines, in terms of bringing in the counterpart to energy prescribing (symptoms), and into what we call ‘tonic’ prescribing — that is, the disease pattern which is creating the underlying force field, and from which all symptoms emerge. Without a logical, systematic understanding of how to address this force field, the patient will forever repeat their symptoms in the same or similar form, never fully curing them.

Practically speaking, this duality exists in virtually every case that I treat in the clinic. Many patients start their treatment focussed on certain symptoms which are troubling them, and I’ll always begin with remedies that help them to eliminate their symptoms. Regardless of how quickly these first remedies work, I always work to systematically break through the underlying force field, in whatever form it is in. The traumatic time line of a patient, for example, forms the backbone of a lot of this underlying force field, and which gradually starts to dissolve the more we are able to address it with ‘tonic’ remedies (related to the force field).

Alongside all the improvements which patients have in their symptoms (energy field), many deeper and unexpected improvements also start to emerge as we chip through this level of the force field. This is where the potential for stronger healing reactions exists, but also where the biggest improvements will emerge from. It’s the reason that so many patients who have previously worked with a Classical Homeopath, suddenly experience a whole new depth of improvement and well-being once we begin this journey into their force field. It’s also the reason why Heilkunst treatments work in such a complementary fashion with other forms of energy work.

“May the force be with you”!

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