Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Medicine (part two)

During this current series of blog posts on the various jurisdictions within medical Heilkunst, I have so far described what the three primary jurisdictions are (regimen, medicine, and education), and I have presented the basis for the first jurisdiction (regimen), and begun to outline some of the components of the medical jurisdiction (the sub-categories of homogenic and pathogenic prescribing).

Today I’ll continue on within this broad jurisdiction of medicine, into some of the other sub-categories of treatment it contains:

  • Pathic – The treatment at the pathic level is both the most known aspect of homeopathic medicine, and in a way, the least important.  It is derived from the word pathos, which means suffering, and refers to the use of homeopathic remedies to directly relieve the symptoms which are currently being suffered by the patient. I refer to this as this least important, yet the sub-category which can sometimes take up the most focus and energy in a case, at least in the earlier stages. The key here is to understand that the treatment of any pathic disease begs the question of which tonic disease (underlying, causative) could be addressed to further prevent a recurrence.
  • Iatrogenic – These are the diseases which are caused by unprincipled application of medicine. All the millions of antibiotics, antidepressants, statin drugs, etc., etc., etc., may or may not have a positive effect for any given patient, but the will always cause undesirable side-effects. The deaths caused annually by prescription drugs has now taken the #1 position in North America as the biggest killer. Many Heilkunst patients either are or have been on drugs, and their treatment needs to include a complete detox from the long-term residual effects of these prescriptions. Note : I never advise a patient to stop taking a drug, or to change its dose, but as we progress with their Heilkunst treatment, they’ll tend to work with their doctor to gradually reduce and then eliminate their prescriptions when possible.
  • Ideogenic – Other than the pathic category of disease I described above, all the other categories root back to some form of causation. The Homogenic diseases related back to a certain form of irritation, and the Iatrogenic diseases root back to the taking of a certain drug. The Ideogenic category are those diseases which are originally caused by a false belief. These include some of the common faulty concepts held in our modern culture, such as that the universe is like a giant machine made of various kinds of particles (ie that matter is the only reality), or beliefs at a more personal level, such as the core feeling that one is unlovable. I include this cateogry within the medical jurisdiction, as there are several homeopathic remedies which have been mapped out to be effective for a whole range of these belief states, but the ideogenic realm is not constrained solely to this jurisdiction, as there are very crucial aspects of its treatment which belong to the third jurisdiction of Therapeutic Education, which I’ll begin to explore in the next blog post in this series.

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