Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part three)

As I’ve said in previous blogs, the third jurisdiction in Heilkunst (of Therapeutic Education) needs to be prepared for, in terms of the patient having passed through enough hurdles in the first two jurisdictions (Regimen and Medicine). Not only does the doctor need to be qualified, but so does the patient who wants or needs to work through their highest issues.

Where the jurisdiction of Regimen is ultimately about balancing all aspects of the patient’s diet and lifestyle, and the Medical jurisdiction is about the specific and systematic removal of all the patient’s diseases, the third jurisdiction involves a rather different agenda. Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst, made reference to (but provided little practical guidance) about what he called “the highest” diseases, which ultimately originate from ignorance. If things were simple, you would suppose that we might dispense with the first two jurisdictions, and just get straight to the business of overturning ignorance with truth. Voila!

While the concept of this is essentially true, in that all disease originates from a state of ignorance, it has devolved into multiple forms over time, which each need to be addressed on their own terms, in the right sequence, and with the right tools and modalities. Hence, our detailed identification of the three jurisdictions, and then multiple sub-categories within each jurisdiction.

More to the point of Therapeutic Education, comes some very particular issues and blockages at this juncture in the patient’s journey. While the general concept is straightforward (overcome ignorance with truth), there’s more to it at a practical level. Truth is not a mere matter of “information,” which can be easily transmitted, as we do, for example, when downloading a file onto our computers. As Jack Nicholson once said (in character), “You can’t handle the truth!”

Due to the specific character structure of the patient (the result of their pattern of biological and psychological ‘armoring’), the patient will literally not have the capacity to accept or assimilate a given truth at a given time. In fact, this is the point where even the most mild-mannered patients may become quite resistant, even violent, to keep at bay the truth, which they are perceiving as a threat. The “life and death” battle which the patient perceives at this point is actually true in terms of their dying false ego.

At this point, the modality of treatment involves anything which is able to help to break through, and ultimately re-structure the patient into something more natural and healthy, and which gives them a greater capacity for “taking the charge” of their life in its fullness. Just as in the Medical jurisdiction, where the correct dose and potency of the medicine needs to be selected in order to completely and safely destroy the disease in question, these character-restructuring tools also need to be applied in the correct dose and potency. The image of a construction crew expertly laying explosives through a building to be demolished, so that it crumbles in on itself without taking out any of its neighbouring buildings, is an example of this idea of delivering the dose and potency in a precise way.

Again, at this threshold between the second and third jurisdictions, we still find a hefty use of remedies (homeopathic medicines) in aid of this process of destroying the unhealthy character structure, and making room for a greater capacity for the patient to fully explore the higher meaning of their own life, and to engage more and more fully with the world around them.



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