Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part five)

You may have noticed that as we have continued our exploration into the third realm of medical Heilkunst, namely “therapeutic education”, that it’s a much more extensive realm of study than the first two realms combined. It certainly is true that this third realm is the most important, in terms of getting at the actual root and origin of disease, rather than mere removal of symptoms. I should point out here, that for practical purposes, many patients receive tremendous benefits from the first two jurisdictions alone, and may not want or feel the need to explore much of this third realm. Nevertheless, it is important that I do include it in my general map of Heilkunst, so that patients understand what the full scope of their options are, if and when they choose to pursue these avenues of treatment for themselves.

Another point to realize about this third jurisdiction, which involves cutting through a patient’s beliefs, is that it is made up of issues which are largely “invisible” to the patient, at least until they are brought to see it for one reason or another. Unlike a physical symptom, or a pain, there may be no pressing reason for a patient to take notice of their unconscious beliefs. For this reason, it is often the case that most patients don’t specifically seek treatment for this area, but are otherwise driven to come in for treatment for something which is more visible to them. Depending on the context, and the nature of a given case, I will put more or less emphasis on bringing the patient’s attention to this area, as it applies to their health issue(s) at hand.

The mind and body are not separate, after all, and I do my patients no service by allowing them to maintain the illusion that their physical symptoms can be 100% eliminated independently of addressing the underlying emotional, psychological, or belief layer which it is rooted in.

So, for various reasons, you can see why I have written so much more about this third jurisdiction, and I’ve only just begun! First of all, it is a realm which is generally the most invisible from the patient’s point of view. Secondly, it involves content which is wrapped up in the most reactive and violent defense mechanisms within us. By definition, to begin to engage in this area, will bring up one or more defense mechanisms in the patient. The practitioner needs to be prepared to take the brunt of some of the most vicious, personal attacks ever inflicted in any context!

You are probably also beginning to appreciate why I so carefully take one step at a time with each patient, to walk them through the necessary components of the jurisdictions of Regimen and Medicine, to ensure that they are properly prepared to work through this third jurisdiction with as many inner resources that they can bring to bear on their highest issues.

As I’ve said before, Heilkunst is a medical system which demands not only the practitioner to be qualified, but the patient, as well, before they cross into the next jurisdiction of treatment. When the patient takes responsibility for their part in their healing, and the practitioner takes command of their role, some phenomenal healing working can be done!

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