Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part six)

As we further explore the doors that a patient can walk through in the process of unfolding their true self, one of the biggest clues can be exploring the deeper meaning contained in their symptoms or illnesses. Every healing process, in one way or another, needs to come to terms with a shadow or dark side, on the way to discerning the meaning.

The normal subjective human experience of symptoms, pains, or discomforts, is as an ‘annoyance’ which needs to be eliminated in one way or another. One of the first steps in healing is to begin to acknowledge that however painful, annoying, or inconvenient a symptoms is, that it always contains an important message for our own growth if it is taken through a process of transformation rather than suppression.

The deeper a patient is ready to go into the third jurisdiction of treatment (Therapeutic Education), the more it becomes necessary for them to work at this level of discovering meaning in their suffering, rather than searching for any way possible to eliminate it, or to reactively “shoot the messenger”.

The reason we even have symptoms and illness, from this level, relates to the fact that our modern consciousness exists very much on the outer surface of life, and that we have a very tenuous connection to its deeper processes. Like the warning lights on the dashboard of our car, these signals are made visible at the level we can see them, when we are normally out of touch with what is happening hidden under the hood. To not understand that our symptoms are like these dashboard warning lights, indicating something at a deeper level, is to miss their reason for being.

Take, for example, a case where a patient is having recurrent bladder infections, and comes to me for homeopathic treatment, as she doesn’t think that being on antibiotics over an extended period of time is a good idea. While the more natural, gentle approach is certainly better in the long run, we also need to look at the meaning of these symptoms if the patient wishes to overcome them permanently.

Often in the case of bladder infections, there is an emotional root which relates at some level to the patient feeling “pissed off”, and they are expressing it through the physical symptoms rather than at the original mental / emotional level. The homeopathics will help in the short-term with the symptoms of the bladder infection, but then the deeper cure will take hold when remedies and/or other therapeutics are applied to bring the patient to directly confront the meaning of the symptoms, and take appropriate corrective action in her life.

The point here, is that healing ultimately demands raising consciousness up, and not merely pushing symptoms down. This is another doorway into the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst, of Therapeutic Education.

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