Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part nine)

This light-hearted, humorous Ted Talk gets at a really important set of questions, about coming to understand what is real, yet not visible.

I’ve been exploring some of the ins and out of what a patient may go through as they travel through the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst treatment called “Therapeutic Education”. As I said in a previous post, the core issues for any patient usually start out as being invisible to themselves, and the first goal of treatment is to raise the patient’s consciousness of them.

John Lloyd presents himself in this talk as an “immaterialist”, as a tongue-in-cheek expression contradicting the material world view which states that only things visible can be considered real. Examining the real effects of the supposedly un-real substance of homeopathic remedies would fall under the important category of the invisible which is outlined here.

The further you explore such questions in a scientific way, the more you start to come to the conclusion that the most real things are the least visible. This truth extends from the personal, in terms of the goal of getting to “know thyself”, to the broader scientific questions of understanding the workings of the world.

What is a homeopathic remedy, and how does it work? How do non-physical events (ie emotional) affect our health so profoundly? How can only one single drop of the homeopathic remedy trigger such profound healing reactions?

How many invisible realities have you embraced today?

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