Abundance is our Future

The underlying message of this Ted Talk caught my eye, as it reflects the deeper understanding of human capacity understood by Heilkunst. Our usual exposure to daily media exposes us to endless messages of war, destruction, and a constant message that we are destroying the planet and our long-term prospect for survival.

As I’ve written elsewhere in this blog, one of the unique understandings within Heilkunst is that our life force has a dual aspect made up of two powers : a sustentive (life sustaining), and a generative (sexual, creative). True healing must go beyond simply re-balance the sustentive power, and liberate the generative power to come into its full capacity for creativity and change-making. This is reflective within people’s world views, as well, as the typical view we’re saturated with by the news and other media is fundamentally based on a finite, limited sustentive power view of the human being, who is always on the verge of “running out” of energy and all other resources.

On a personal, individual level, this state of mind is contained within the primary chronic miasm (genetic disease) called Psora, which consolidates this world view within its diseased state of mind – the feeling and state of mind in Psora is of poverty, lacking, insufficiency, or “running on empty”. Physically, this is represented by all forms of symptoms of dryness and dehydration. It’s interesting that one of the facets of this video addresses a technological solution for providing vast amounts of water to all parts of the world.

Whether you agree with every specific point and proposed technology in this video is not the point; but rather, the underlying understanding of the human capacity for a generative overcoming of lacking and limitation gets to the root of the original state of health which everyone has access to through treatment.

Where have you allowed yourself to partake of a limited world view, possibly without even recognizing it?

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