How is Rescue Remedy used within Heilkunst?

I described yesterday the basic concepts underlying Dr. Bach’s system of Flower Essences, and in particular how they fit within Heilkunst treatment. He set out that the 38 individual remedies within his system were a finite, closed system, covering the full range of negative emotions and attitudes which humanity is subject to. Each patient of Dr. Bach received a unique combination of essences as required by their presenting state of mind.




Dr. Bach did promote one standardized formula, which he called Rescue Remedy, for use during acute states of anxiety or panic. The five remedies in the Rescue Remedy formula are:

  • Clematis – For that distant, dreamy feeling that one may go into during a state of shock. This helps the recipient to be present here and now with all their attention, as is necessary in any accident or first aid situation.
  • Rock Rose – A deep terror, either from something just experienced, or anticipated. Frozen in fear; sheer panic. This helps bring a calm, courageous feeling to a
  • Star of Bethlehem – For the effects of shock. To keep us from cutting ourselves off from reality, when our sharp attention would be most beneficial.
  • Impatiens – Feeling agitated or impatient. Rushing without paying sufficient attention to what is demanded in a trying situation. Intolerant of others, especially in their perceived slowness
  • Cherry Plum – Feelings of being on the verge of losing control of thoughts, feelings, or actions. Afraid of what one is potentially about to do.

Bach also developed an externally applied version of Rescue Remedy, for use in external first aid situations, such as bruises or scrapes. In this, he added a sixth ingredient : Crab Apple – This has cleansing properties to help disinfect the wound.

When my patients are looking to stock up for their own home first aid kit, this is one of the key remedies that we recommend is always kept at hand. I prescribe Rescue Remedy frequently for patients during the course of their treatment, particularly in assistance to strong healing reactions, where much hidden content inside the patient is rising quickly to the surface, and they are having trouble integrating the healing due to feeling overwhelmed.

In conjunction with specific homeopathic remedies for anxiety, I am able to provide the patient with an awesome formula for dealing with anxiety or panic situations from 2 sides : Rescue Remedy applied on the law of opposites (to help bring the patient back into a state of balance), and the specific homeopathics based on the law of similars, to help remove any of the anxiety which has started to more deeply embed itself into the generative power, and begin to cause an actual disease disturbance.

Rescue Remedy is safe to use and even self-prescribe without any side effects. For more deep or chronic patterns of anxiety or panic, your Heilkunst treatment will work systematically to remove the root causes permanently.

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