A Heilkunst Case Study With The Bach Flower Remedies

I had a patient who had gone through an incredibly powerful and difficult time when she went through the third round of chronic miasms. As she put it, she felt “….devastated — like London after WWII.” She needed a break from this deeper form of curing, and a modality which would help her rebuild and heal from the inside out. She was looking for something more nurturing and feminine, as opposed to the destructive masculine energy of this high potency homeopathics. [Note : the action of the homeopathic remedy is gentle, but in the case of treating a very deep or old disease, the healing power of the body will be triggered to undergo a complete ground-up renovation to remove this disease, and this is the source of the tumult.]

This was a point in my Heilkunst practice when I hadn’t been focussing much on the Bach Flower Remedies, but in this case, in this moment, they came flooding back to me as the right modality for this patient. I started to talk to her about the emotions that she had at this point, to identify which Flower Remedies would be most useful to her.

There were a few that we identified and used over the next while, but the one that was the most memorable was Sweet Chestnut. The state of Sweet Chestnut is one of utter emotional desolation and inner chaos. It comes at the point when all endurance has been worn down, and it seems as if there’s nothing left. A state that demands nothing but complete surrender, as their seems to be no other way out.




This remedy helped her very profoundly as she started to take it. She reported that “…it feels like I’m being held in the arms of a loving mother, being suckled gently back to health.” This phase of using the Bach Remedies not only helped her out of the dark space that she had come to, but also helped her to completely integrate the healing lessons that she had learned during this recent round of chronic miasms in her treatment, and she then felt ready to go ahead with the next steps in her homeopathic treatment.

[Note : in the years since this incident, the science of Heilkunst has developed to the point of being able to better manage the healing reactions from the deep treatment of the chronic miasms, through augmenting with gentler homeopathic potencies, such as in the LM scale. Between the LM homeopathics, flower essences, and other regimenal support, intense healing reactions are kept to much more of a minimum.]

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