Delivering the Remedy by Stealth

Another interesting aspect of delivering the remedy comes in a variety of cases where the remedy needs to be hidden from the knowledge of the patient. Almost all of the time, of course, I am working directly with the patient who is volunteering for treatment with full consent, which is optimal for several reasons, including having the full participation and will power engagement of the patient. The taking of a medicine is, after all, representing only one of three different jurisdictions in Heilkunst, and they all work together synergistically. There are, however special circumstances which call for deceptive administration of the remedy. As Ally likes to remind me, if I unethically sneak a remedy into someone, I’ll come back next life as their dog.

The first category of this is for the overly knowledgeable patient, such as another Heilkunst practitioner. Their knowledge of the remedies, or more to the point, their over-thinking about the remedy they’re taking does no service to the goals of their treatment, so I’ll sometimes give them an unlabelled remedy in order to allow them to actually experience the full process of taking it without any interference from their overzealous intellect.

Another blatantly obvious example is when I give a homeopathic remedy to a pet. They obviously can’t read the label, and even if they could, their skill in interpreting Latin is usually deficient. Different pets have different degrees of pickiness, and sometimes a dry remedy needs to be hidden in an extra-special treat, so that they don’t reject it.

Similarly, the treatment of many autistic kids runs into the issue of rejection of anything new, especially with an unknown taste or texture. Different methods of disguising the remedy, and adding it to an already known and familiar food is often needed here. Likewise, the same goes for many kids, in general, who can be similarly picky. Kids in general, by the way, don’t generally choose and consent to their own treatment, as it is more a function of the judgment and decision of the parent(s).

There have been cases, on that note, where one parent brings the kids in for treatment, without any knowledge whatsoever by the other parent. This may often be for reasons of a difficult shared custody situation, where the other parent goes out of their way to make everything as difficult as possible, so in the best interests of the child, I’ll tend to agree with the parent who brought the child, and provide service in the higher interest of the child’s welfare. There is a special note of caution here, that where there is either an obvious or suspected situation of abuse of the child, it may not be a viable idea to provide treatment which will increase their self-confidence and voice, if they’re likely to be literally or figuratively beaten back down into submission as a result.

The final, and most rare situation where I’d consent to a deceptive delivery of a remedy, is through someone who is seeking treatment for their spouse for any number of reasons, when they are either not willing, or able to come for treatment for themselves. Normally, the first line of approaching this is to have the spouse in question be convinced to come in for treatment by their own volition, but in some special circumstances, if it can be shown to be otherwise ethical, I’ll help out with the situation. Whether for a spouse who is literally in a coma, or figuratively so in terms of being highly unconscious about their life, I can’t help but consider it a part of the treatment of the spouse who is before me, who is profoundly affected by the energy of the deadbeat spouse in the equation. Again, any situation of this sort is handled extremely cautiously and conscientiously.

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