Abundance is our Future

The underlying message of this Ted Talk caught my eye, as it reflects the deeper understanding of human capacity understood by Heilkunst. Our usual exposure to daily media exposes us to endless messages of war, destruction, and a constant message that we are destroying the planet and our long-term prospect for survival.

As I’ve written elsewhere in this blog, one of the unique understandings within Heilkunst is that our life force has a dual aspect made up of two powers : a sustentive (life sustaining), and a generative (sexual, creative). True healing must go beyond simply re-balance the sustentive power, and liberate the generative power to come into its full capacity for creativity and change-making. This is reflective within people’s world views, as well, as the typical view we’re saturated with by the news and other media is fundamentally based on a finite, limited sustentive power view of the human being, who is always on the verge of “running out” of energy and all other resources.

On a personal, individual level, this state of mind is contained within the primary chronic miasm (genetic disease) called Psora, which consolidates this world view within its diseased state of mind – the feeling and state of mind in Psora is of poverty, lacking, insufficiency, or “running on empty”. Physically, this is represented by all forms of symptoms of dryness and dehydration. It’s interesting that one of the facets of this video addresses a technological solution for providing vast amounts of water to all parts of the world.

Whether you agree with every specific point and proposed technology in this video is not the point; but rather, the underlying understanding of the human capacity for a generative overcoming of lacking and limitation gets to the root of the original state of health which everyone has access to through treatment.

Where have you allowed yourself to partake of a limited world view, possibly without even recognizing it?

Fertility and Heilkunst

I’ve had the greatest pleasure to serve couples who suspected that they may be infertile to beholding their wee bundle of joy in their arms.  Some of them were just curious about the fact that they were actively having sex with their partner for over a year without having yielded the intended results asking me to help out in this regard, while others had undergone rounds of IVF, (“in vitro fertilization” literally means “fertilization in glass.”)  The latter patient, admittedly, took more time to resolve, as first we had to clear the barrage of toxic drugs used in this process before the body was pristine enough to once again engage in the natural process of creating new life.  The root cause of this issue is not as mechanical as you might think.  In fact we’re just starting to recognize the side effects of having a chemically induced, cryogenically manufactured or even marginalized love affair with a superficial donor.

African Fertility Gods

African Fertility Gods

If you’ve been trying to create a babe with your partner, you may have become frustrated having reduced the intimate and beautiful act of love-making to some kind of clinical setting.  Taking your temperature, assuming a position, rushing to cavort at the right times of the month to just stare at your bloodied underwear month after month can leave both of you feeling disappointed, empty, impotent and sadly mechanistic about bringing a babe into the world as some kind of functional gymnastics.  Everyone of us has heard the story, several times, about a couple that has “given up” on their capacity to procreate and gone ahead with an adoption to find out they’ve successfully conceived within months of the adoption.  There is a key state of mind to be cognizant of in this story.

As a Physician of Heilkunst Medicine with over 15 years of research under my belt, I can tell you that the art and science of making babies has a lot less to do with chemicals and mechanistic thinking than you might ever think.  In fact, using your intellect to tweak a chemical here or there, or play with hormones is the realm of God, and I strongly suggest that if you try to get too close to the the almighty sun, you will no doubt burn your Achilles feathers.  The approach we use in order to realize consistent results is by using the principles laid down for us by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  He stated that the Physician has only one true calling and that is to make the sick healthy and whole and that the only righteous way to treat a person is to remove the block, shock or trauma that is impinging on that individual’s life force.  Not only will the person know greater health physically, but they will also realize their full emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Following Hahnemann’s blueprint for cure, means that we’re doing a detoxification and chelation therapy starting your first visit to us through that Drainage and Organ Support dropper we give to you.  Also, that recommendation to drink 2-3 litres of pH balanced water and those Himalayan Salts and Greens we recommend help to address acidosis in the system.  The impregnated zygote will make a left at Albuquerque to avoid implanting into the uterus of a toxic or acid environment.  Also, states of anger (stress), fear and Genetic Miasms like Cancer, Gonorrhoea (Sycosis/Medorrinum) and Syphilis will make it doubly difficult to encourage new life to want to stick around on board for the nine month duration.  Would you want to be hosted by such an organism plagued by such issues?  Me neither.

When we have addressed your specific regimenal and medical issues without causing you an ounce of harm or further re-toxification, we then turn to the art of love.  Are you in a wholly resonant relationship with your beloved?  Have you created a beautiful ritual for you and your partner to ask for the baby?  In Waldorf pedagogy inspired by Rudolf Steiner, we attended multiple ceremonies when our children’s teacher read a beautiful story about how our son or daughter came to be spiritually called for walking over the rainbow bridge between the super-sensible and sense realms.  I know this may mess with your mechanical mind, however, Bronislaw Malinowski proved in his book, The Sexual Life Of Savages, that children encouraged to have fully orgastic sex in their teens by their parents and community never suffered any unwanted pregnancies.  When the Chief of the tribe was interviewed by Malinowski, it is realized that babes are only produced in a committed union between a man and woman and that they’ve consciously asked the Gods for a babe to be delivered to them, only then will conception be achieved through the love embrace.

Also, are you doing it right?  Are you properly threaded through to genital primacy as per Dr. Wilhelm Reich?  What I know about our modern culture is that most folks are living out of their heads, intellectually postured in the past or anxiously projected into the future.  In order to truly make love, communing with another being through orgastic potency, we need to have cleared the decks of the emotional content still mucking up the decks above the pelvic block right up to the ocular block.  Also, does the earth move when you have sex with your beloved are do you need some thawing of your genitals and pelvic region?  Reich recognized in his book, The Function Of The Orgasm, that only a small number of men, and no women, were achieving a full erectile-ly/vaginally charged, all over body grand mal seizure version of orgastic potency.  A genital sneeze, may not be enough oomph to power those swimmers into their intended destination and you need a fully threaded man and woman, connected to their emotions and spiritual nature to spawn a child of true consequence.

If you could look through our organizing lens into our offices and see the conception, in uteri and birth traumas still registering on our patient’s richter scales, you might think twice about how you want the cellular memory of your offspring to recall their birth experience right from the moment of conception or before.  If I wholly understand Steiner’s Anthroposophy, or study of man, the wee soul that is searching the earth for its new hosts to incarnate into, starts that process well before the sperm ever meets egg.  The further we get from a spiritually connected union, fully threaded through the function of the orgasm and consciousness, the bigger price down the line is that we all have to pay through toxic medical interventions like IVF, damaging Ultrasounds, Amniocentesis, karmic sufferings and socio-economic challenges.

If you’ve considered the above and are committed to taking responsibility for what the “Gods” may gift you with, then come and see us about your fertility issues and we’ll begin by peeling your proverbial onion.  Through the process of Heilkunst excavation, we tout a 90% success rate with fertility issues.  We know that the 5,000 regulating chemicals and hormones in your body will be following their finely orchestrated blueprint once the timeline of traumas and Genetic roots for constant chronic disease are removed on the sound basis of law.  It’s a no brainer.  Make sure you send us a picture of your newborn to adorn our clinic walls!


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part ten)

I’ve noted how the initial explorations of the third jurisdiction (“Therapeutic Education”) still has much cross-over with the second (“Therapeutic Medicine”), to prepare the patient for the full engagement with it. Likewise, there is a root of this third jurisdiction which reaches back into the first jurisdiction of Regimen. Beyond the basic level of education within the first jurisdiction (How do I choose foods most resonant for me based on typologies? How do I find the balance between too much and too little exercise? Etc.), there is a higher aspect to applying Therapeutic Education to Regimen.

This essentially comes from confronting the meaning of regimen – its why rather than its how. The usual approach to Regimen, or even to thinking about it, is of a commitment to deprivation, and being healthy for reasons of fear of disease, rather than for gaining pleasure. Another view of this comes in the form of seeing any effort put into one’s health as a disease itself called “health nut-itis” – the seemingly obsessive pursuit of health at the cost of actually living.

There is a germ of truth in the view, in terms of anything which is done rigidly or in an overly zealous manner. Any health choice made out of rigidity, fear, or a contractive attitude has questionable value, and possibly a detrimental one.

The real purpose of regimen really comes as a function of self-love instead of fear. The hedonistic pleasures which can come from “eat whatever you want”, and “do whatever feels good” are actually much limited in their scope compared to the richer and deeper pleasures that come when one’s regimen is aligned to support our ability to fulfill our higher purpose and desire function.

It happens with many of my patients, that they say they want to be healthier, and ask for advice for what they can do to reach this goal; however, when they come back for their monthly follow-ups, they have often not followed my advice, and ask if there is instead a homeopathic remedy they can use to try to reach their goals. This strange contradiction between what they say, and what they actually are able to do at a given point in time illustrates the huge gap created by a deficiency in the patient’s self-love. Rather than beating themselves up over it, I educate the patient to take note of this deficiency in their self-love quotient, and work with them to address their issues which keep them from a fuller form of self-love.

Once a patient is more aligned at this level, regimen no longer feels like deprivation, or even a battle of will power, but a pleasurable source of fuelling them towards their higher goals, and the unfolding of their unique desire program. Rather than feeling like they are a “health nut”, they feel more connected to life than they ever imagined before.

What are the blockages for you engaging with your best regimen? It usually boils down to a combination of not being clear over which practices are best for you, and/or not being able to engage your willing forces due to emotional blockages or attachments. Write down what these are for you, and decide what would help you to get past the first one. Call the clinic for help in any of the three jurisdictions in your healing.

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part nine)

This light-hearted, humorous Ted Talk gets at a really important set of questions, about coming to understand what is real, yet not visible.

I’ve been exploring some of the ins and out of what a patient may go through as they travel through the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst treatment called “Therapeutic Education”. As I said in a previous post, the core issues for any patient usually start out as being invisible to themselves, and the first goal of treatment is to raise the patient’s consciousness of them.

John Lloyd presents himself in this talk as an “immaterialist”, as a tongue-in-cheek expression contradicting the material world view which states that only things visible can be considered real. Examining the real effects of the supposedly un-real substance of homeopathic remedies would fall under the important category of the invisible which is outlined here.

The further you explore such questions in a scientific way, the more you start to come to the conclusion that the most real things are the least visible. This truth extends from the personal, in terms of the goal of getting to “know thyself”, to the broader scientific questions of understanding the workings of the world.

What is a homeopathic remedy, and how does it work? How do non-physical events (ie emotional) affect our health so profoundly? How can only one single drop of the homeopathic remedy trigger such profound healing reactions?

How many invisible realities have you embraced today?

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part eight)

One of the higher goals of health is to expand the functioning of the mind. Exploring the frontier of consciousness itself is actually greater than all of the curing and healing work which needs to be undergone for the physical aspects of health. A clue to this reality, as I’ve written before, is that even when I use specific homeopathic remedies for a given physical symptom, it will always contain a unique state of mind. So, for example, the correct remedy to use for a patient with a sore throat will depend on their state of mind, and a Lachesis sore throat has a very different appearance than a Mercurius sore throat (I saw an example of each of these in the clinic this week).

The third jurisdiction (Therapeutic Education) ultimately is aimed at addressing the mind, soul, and spirit of the patient, and begins by removing any blockages which are in the way of their full expression. I’ve mentioned the issue of beliefs before, which exist at many levels and in many types. One of the foundational beliefs of our culture, both formally in terms of our scientific methodology, as well as informally and at a personal level, was thoroughly and clearly articulated by the philosopher Immanuel Kant. It essentially says that we are incapable of truly knowing anything, other than what appears to our five senses. Any claim to knowing something other than the direct sense data can never be acceptable within any field of science, or otherwise lay any claim to being considered objective.

Even taking the step of declaring the meaning of what has presented itself to our senses is already on shaky ground, within this worldview. The modern methodology of science reflects this belief structure in many ways, which I’ll devote much more focus to that in other blog posts, which will include a recounting of how Rudolf Steiner overthrew the philosophical premises and conclusions of Kant. At a personal, individual level, the implications of this have boxed the modern mind into a very limited capacity, where only personal beliefs or “opinions” are allowed, but not any claim to knowledge.

This is a very important limitation to break through, even if we are limiting our discussion to the topic of our personal level of health. To allow ourselves to be cut off from this capacity which we all have, that is, “to know”, keeps us distanced from a source of deep satisfaction in our life. How much pleasure can we have from attaining arbitrary goals, which may or may not have a deeper connection to our core desire function?You can also understand virtually every form of anxiety to be rooted back to a degree of belief which is eclipsing knowing.

As an exercise, or meditation, you can spend a few minutes every day exploring the idea of connecting to what it is you actually know, rather than just simply think or believe about yourself and the world. You may draw a lot of blanks for a while, but once you start to find even a small corner of knowing within yourself, it can grow to become a foundation for actually knowing yourself and the world.

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part seven)

Continuing our exploration into the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst (Therapeutic Education), I now come to the concept of the shift within treatment to a different type of remedy. In the first two jurisdictions (Regimen and Medicine), you could say that the therapeutics are largely based on a substance approach. The substance as it exists in a nutritional protocol, or the basis of a homeopathic remedy, for example, is the reference point for what is catalyzing the therapeutic effect. This is the predominant way of thinking about medicine and therapeutics through all systems of medicine, natural or otherwise.

Here are a few examples of a substance-based approach:

  • A Tylenol for a headache.
  • A low-fat diet.
  • A homeopathic remedy for insomnia.
  • Herbal formulas

The further into the third jurisdiction I’m called to go into with a patient, the more that the substance approach takes a back seat, and the more that we engage with an essence approach. This is much less familiar, and takes some adjustment for the patient at first. “Aren’t you giving me a remedy today?” is a common question at this point. The patient needs to learn that not all remedies come from the familiar realm of substance, but that a much more direct approach is being accessed at this point in treatment.

The broad realm of relationships form the core of the essence approach. Even without engaging in any formal therapy, everyone is unconsciously receiving therapy from all the relationships in their life. The formal therapeutic process is simply a way of taking this natural process, focussing it, and speeding it up. To suggest to a patient a relationship which might be therapeutic for them – this could anything from the suggestion of exploring a particular piece of art, to a suggested conversation to have with a particular family member – is a way of delivering this essence approach in treatment.

The role of the physician, even more in this realm, is to be a “stand in” for all types of relationships and archetypes which the patient needs to process against a foil. From one session to the next, the physician may stand in as substitute mother or father; as the lightning rod for the patient’s unexpressed rage; or even more fundamentally as the mirror for the patient’s darker shadow side. Through this juncture of their journey, the patient is peeling away layer after layer of their personality, and driving in more deeply to the essence of their self. Some of the revelations here can cause shock waves, or reverberations which can take several weeks for the patient to fully integrate into their self. The positive outcome of all of this, is that I get to witness these patients become more and more who they are meant to be, and engaged more and more fully with what they are meant to be doing in their life.

The hardest work leads to the biggest rewards.

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part six)

As we further explore the doors that a patient can walk through in the process of unfolding their true self, one of the biggest clues can be exploring the deeper meaning contained in their symptoms or illnesses. Every healing process, in one way or another, needs to come to terms with a shadow or dark side, on the way to discerning the meaning.

The normal subjective human experience of symptoms, pains, or discomforts, is as an ‘annoyance’ which needs to be eliminated in one way or another. One of the first steps in healing is to begin to acknowledge that however painful, annoying, or inconvenient a symptoms is, that it always contains an important message for our own growth if it is taken through a process of transformation rather than suppression.

The deeper a patient is ready to go into the third jurisdiction of treatment (Therapeutic Education), the more it becomes necessary for them to work at this level of discovering meaning in their suffering, rather than searching for any way possible to eliminate it, or to reactively “shoot the messenger”.

The reason we even have symptoms and illness, from this level, relates to the fact that our modern consciousness exists very much on the outer surface of life, and that we have a very tenuous connection to its deeper processes. Like the warning lights on the dashboard of our car, these signals are made visible at the level we can see them, when we are normally out of touch with what is happening hidden under the hood. To not understand that our symptoms are like these dashboard warning lights, indicating something at a deeper level, is to miss their reason for being.

Take, for example, a case where a patient is having recurrent bladder infections, and comes to me for homeopathic treatment, as she doesn’t think that being on antibiotics over an extended period of time is a good idea. While the more natural, gentle approach is certainly better in the long run, we also need to look at the meaning of these symptoms if the patient wishes to overcome them permanently.

Often in the case of bladder infections, there is an emotional root which relates at some level to the patient feeling “pissed off”, and they are expressing it through the physical symptoms rather than at the original mental / emotional level. The homeopathics will help in the short-term with the symptoms of the bladder infection, but then the deeper cure will take hold when remedies and/or other therapeutics are applied to bring the patient to directly confront the meaning of the symptoms, and take appropriate corrective action in her life.

The point here, is that healing ultimately demands raising consciousness up, and not merely pushing symptoms down. This is another doorway into the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst, of Therapeutic Education.

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part five)

You may have noticed that as we have continued our exploration into the third realm of medical Heilkunst, namely “therapeutic education”, that it’s a much more extensive realm of study than the first two realms combined. It certainly is true that this third realm is the most important, in terms of getting at the actual root and origin of disease, rather than mere removal of symptoms. I should point out here, that for practical purposes, many patients receive tremendous benefits from the first two jurisdictions alone, and may not want or feel the need to explore much of this third realm. Nevertheless, it is important that I do include it in my general map of Heilkunst, so that patients understand what the full scope of their options are, if and when they choose to pursue these avenues of treatment for themselves.

Another point to realize about this third jurisdiction, which involves cutting through a patient’s beliefs, is that it is made up of issues which are largely “invisible” to the patient, at least until they are brought to see it for one reason or another. Unlike a physical symptom, or a pain, there may be no pressing reason for a patient to take notice of their unconscious beliefs. For this reason, it is often the case that most patients don’t specifically seek treatment for this area, but are otherwise driven to come in for treatment for something which is more visible to them. Depending on the context, and the nature of a given case, I will put more or less emphasis on bringing the patient’s attention to this area, as it applies to their health issue(s) at hand.

The mind and body are not separate, after all, and I do my patients no service by allowing them to maintain the illusion that their physical symptoms can be 100% eliminated independently of addressing the underlying emotional, psychological, or belief layer which it is rooted in.

So, for various reasons, you can see why I have written so much more about this third jurisdiction, and I’ve only just begun! First of all, it is a realm which is generally the most invisible from the patient’s point of view. Secondly, it involves content which is wrapped up in the most reactive and violent defense mechanisms within us. By definition, to begin to engage in this area, will bring up one or more defense mechanisms in the patient. The practitioner needs to be prepared to take the brunt of some of the most vicious, personal attacks ever inflicted in any context!

You are probably also beginning to appreciate why I so carefully take one step at a time with each patient, to walk them through the necessary components of the jurisdictions of Regimen and Medicine, to ensure that they are properly prepared to work through this third jurisdiction with as many inner resources that they can bring to bear on their highest issues.

As I’ve said before, Heilkunst is a medical system which demands not only the practitioner to be qualified, but the patient, as well, before they cross into the next jurisdiction of treatment. When the patient takes responsibility for their part in their healing, and the practitioner takes command of their role, some phenomenal healing working can be done!

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part four)

We continue our journey into the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst (“Therapeutic Education”), with another key consideration : the level of health of the practitioner. As I’ve mentioned in a recent blog, there’s a unique aspect to Heilkunst, in that the patient needs to be “qualified” on order to begin any level of treatment — a sufficient degree of attention paid to their Regimen is required before much work can be effectively done with Medicine, for example.

Likewise, on the other side of this, is another unique aspect of Heilkunst, which is that the practitioner will be limited as to how far they can help their patients attain progressive stages of healing, based on how far the practitioner has gone themselves with their own healing. The outer forms or techniques of Heilkunst may provide a starting point for the basics (rules of healthy regimen, for example), but the further up the chain of treatment one goes, the more critical it is to have a guide who has “already been there”, whether literally, or within an activated, living imagination.

“Ordinary” imagination can not serve this purpose, but through a progressive healing process, a living imagination is full of real living energy, and is able to deeply participate the journey of another, and truly know how to help them move to the next stage of their healing. Even if the practitioner has not literally lived through the same experience that the patient is going through, they can potentially come to a complete understanding of it from the inside out (deeply participating the patient), rather than from the usual mode of observing from the outside in (passive onlooker).

On the flip side of this equation, the areas which the practitioner has not yet consciously addressed within themselves will be major blind spots in terms of being able to help a patient who has those same issues. Any remaining issue where the practitioner engages an aspect of life “conditionally”, will prevent them from seeing that their patient suffers the same blockage. An inner condition, for example, that “everything is OK as long as no one is getting angry at me” is not ultimately part of a state of complete health, and the practitioner who lives unconsciously through this condition will not be able to see the same in their patient, and therefore will not be able to help them through it.

This is the reason why Heilkünstlers are not only required to complete through a certain phase of their own treatment before graduating, but that they must also commit to continuing their treatment on an ongoing basis as part of their membership in the professional association, the CIHA (“Canadian and International Heilkunst Association”). Heilkunst is the opposite of a mechanical approach to medicine, and its full application requires highly trained and treated practitioners who are both artists and scientists, rather than mere technicians.

Three Streams of Remediation Within Heilkunst : Therapeutic Education (part three)

As I’ve said in previous blogs, the third jurisdiction in Heilkunst (of Therapeutic Education) needs to be prepared for, in terms of the patient having passed through enough hurdles in the first two jurisdictions (Regimen and Medicine). Not only does the doctor need to be qualified, but so does the patient who wants or needs to work through their highest issues.

Where the jurisdiction of Regimen is ultimately about balancing all aspects of the patient’s diet and lifestyle, and the Medical jurisdiction is about the specific and systematic removal of all the patient’s diseases, the third jurisdiction involves a rather different agenda. Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst, made reference to (but provided little practical guidance) about what he called “the highest” diseases, which ultimately originate from ignorance. If things were simple, you would suppose that we might dispense with the first two jurisdictions, and just get straight to the business of overturning ignorance with truth. Voila!

While the concept of this is essentially true, in that all disease originates from a state of ignorance, it has devolved into multiple forms over time, which each need to be addressed on their own terms, in the right sequence, and with the right tools and modalities. Hence, our detailed identification of the three jurisdictions, and then multiple sub-categories within each jurisdiction.

More to the point of Therapeutic Education, comes some very particular issues and blockages at this juncture in the patient’s journey. While the general concept is straightforward (overcome ignorance with truth), there’s more to it at a practical level. Truth is not a mere matter of “information,” which can be easily transmitted, as we do, for example, when downloading a file onto our computers. As Jack Nicholson once said (in character), “You can’t handle the truth!”

Due to the specific character structure of the patient (the result of their pattern of biological and psychological ‘armoring’), the patient will literally not have the capacity to accept or assimilate a given truth at a given time. In fact, this is the point where even the most mild-mannered patients may become quite resistant, even violent, to keep at bay the truth, which they are perceiving as a threat. The “life and death” battle which the patient perceives at this point is actually true in terms of their dying false ego.

At this point, the modality of treatment involves anything which is able to help to break through, and ultimately re-structure the patient into something more natural and healthy, and which gives them a greater capacity for “taking the charge” of their life in its fullness. Just as in the Medical jurisdiction, where the correct dose and potency of the medicine needs to be selected in order to completely and safely destroy the disease in question, these character-restructuring tools also need to be applied in the correct dose and potency. The image of a construction crew expertly laying explosives through a building to be demolished, so that it crumbles in on itself without taking out any of its neighbouring buildings, is an example of this idea of delivering the dose and potency in a precise way.

Again, at this threshold between the second and third jurisdictions, we still find a hefty use of remedies (homeopathic medicines) in aid of this process of destroying the unhealthy character structure, and making room for a greater capacity for the patient to fully explore the higher meaning of their own life, and to engage more and more fully with the world around them.