Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Silicea Terra

I’ve previously written about Sulphur as one of the six homeopathic genotypes (personality types), and today I’d like to have a look at its polar opposite, which is Silicea Terra. The Silicea constitution is very highly introverted, which means that a majority of their living experience is referenced to their own internal world, as opposed to Sulphurs which are very strongly engaged with events and experiences in the outer world. Primarily, Siliceas display characteristics of refinement, caution, and they usually possess strong ethical sensibilities.

This is important to note, as Siliceas will generally hold very strong opinions, yet rarely impose them on others, unless the situation absolutely demands it. On the outside, they can be very easy-going, even acquiescent, unless someone or something goes “too far”, and triggers a Silicea into the most stubborn or righteous stance over an issue. This is reminiscent of the expression of “drawing a line in the sand”, where the world is a very different place depending on whether one has crossed a Siliceas line, or not. Author Philip Bailey summarizes them by the phrase “Delicate, but determined”.

They can suffer from various forms of perfectionism, often frozen before the ideal concept of something, which can never be manifested in reality. They are “their own worst enemy”, being much harder on themselves than anyone else could ever be. At its best, this characteristic leads them to produce very high quality work in whatever field they are engaged in.

Silicea children are generally very easy to raise. If anything, the challenge for the parent is to encourage them to go out more, and experience a greater variety of activities. They can be quite shy by nature, and need to be encouraged to go out and connect with life more. They will often be “late bloomers”, who are not the first to leave the family home. They gravitate much more to close one-on-one relationships, rather than being the “life of the party” who is friends with everyone (ie like the Sulphur).

They have a very quirky sense of humour, relishing some of the most obscure or absurd aspects of a situation. The general Canadian sense of humour tends in this direction, as you can see in the comedy program The Kids in the Hall. There are some pop musicians who come to mind who display this characteristic of quirkiness in their work, including Tom Waits, Lori Anderson, and David Burns (of Talking Heads). The characteristic of high perfection is witnessed in the pianists Glenn Gould, and Keith Jarrett.

Medically, Siliceas are prone to conditions such as headaches, and issues of mal-absorption of nutrients. Emotionally, they keep a lot in, and much of the Heilkunst treatment of siliceas involves mobilizing their own emotional expression, and even their own self-awareness of their emotions to begin with. In line with their conservative nature, their reaction to the remedies tends to be minimal most of the time.

NOTE : Silica is contra-indicated in any case where there is some form of implant in the body, as it may prompt the body to try to expel it. Check with your Heilkunst practitioner first.

27 thoughts on “Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Silicea Terra

  1. its amazing.
    Today I checked in my homeopathic bible for my daughter, who suffers from a dental fistula.
    Silicea came up.
    I sent her a test message that she should try it. She looked up your website and I hit the nail on the top.
    She is the absolute silicea type in all aspects

  2. Silicea removed warts from my thumb. The morning after taking the remedy, they were already shrinking. And made me feel so strong! I see myself in your picture.

  3. I’ve always been torn by my decision whether to take Silicea or not. I do believe it may be my constitutional type (out of the 6 you list), but I have a stapes prosthesis in my ear and am afraid it will try to push it out. I did take it for awhile, and believe it did move the prosthesis a little (it is not in the correct position), as I am able to hear music notes better, but I chickened out and stopped taking it. Is this a remedy I should avoid due to this?

  4. IS it possible to be a half Silicea and half Sulphur? I love a party but yet I am very shy by nature. I love to be in a crowd and involved in planning in a group. But yet I am bookish and love the library – love reading and studying. I have to have my kitchen cupboards neat, my bed has to be made my way or it’s wrong and while I love to cook, I can’t enjoy baking a cake unless I have all the housework done. I know this is rather rigid but it is definitely the way I have always been.
    JUST wondering….

  5. What do you mean by “their reaction to remedies tend to be minimal?” I have been treated with silicea 50M for 3 years and I still have neurotic psychorigidness in regards to my appearance and comparing myself to others.

  6. I this article was written several years ago so I don’t know if you will see this. I’ve been trying to find out an answer to a question about Silicea. I wanted to use it for our grandson but he has had several surgeries – He has a shunt in his brain. Since Silicea will expel foreign objects would it be contraindicated for individuals with any kind of surgical procedures that leave devices in their bodies – like his shunt. My husband also has had cataract surgery, heart surgery with wire left where they pulled together the sternum, and also stints in his arteries.

    I have been afraid to give them Silicea for these reasons and it is very hard to find any information on this.

    Thank you,

  7. Good question, Steph – so many angles we could approach this topic, but I’ll simply say for now that we tend to have a mix of all six of the genotypes, with one being dominant.

  8. No, there are others. The Carcinosin (Cancer) Miasm has much weakness as well, often showing up with low blood pressure and anemia well before any tumours.

  9. I’ve already visited my homeopathy specialist in my country (Iran)he gave me silica as a remedy
    Your article is useful for me because I didn’t new anything about it.
    Thank you

  10. Is stainless steel wire considered an implant? 50 years ago at age 20 was internally sewn todether at waistline after reversal of a colostomy then stitched up on outside with whatever they used that many years ago. Would love an answer. I know it didn’t dissolve…

  11. very well written! would be great when you can mention something about prefered silica potencies and duration of treatment? for example when to use 30c Vs 200c and whether the silica cell salts has the same effect? thanks

  12. Hi Mahy,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog!

    While the therapeutic principles of Heilkunst are universal, their application needs to be individualized on a case by case basis.

    As per practitioner, Jeff Korentayer, it is key to keep in mind that the cell salts generally work more at the nutritive level, while the homeopathic works more medicinally, bearing in mind that there is some grey zone between the two where these functions have a zone of overlap.

    If you or a patient are interested in a personal consultation for further exploration, you can reach us at reception@arcanum.ca .

    Thanks so much,

    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

  13. I have breast implants after having breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. Suffer HEADACHES and Insomnia and am silica constitutionally, What can I take to rebalance if silica is contra indicated?

  14. Dear Vicky,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog!

    While the therapeutic principles of Heilkunst are universal, their application needs to be individualized on a case by case basis.

    Whenever you’re ready, we can set up an individualized assessment of your case. Just send an email to reception@arcanum.ca with the subject “Treatment Assessment”, and we’ll get you started right away.

    Diane Nowlan, Office Manager
    Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

  15. Am I the only one who found the last sentence, “In line with their conservative nature, their reaction to the remedies tends to be minimal most of the time.” a little devastating?

  16. HI Karen –

    Maybe a little bit of clarification will remove your feeling of devastation.

    The intended meaning of the phrase “…reaction to the remedies tends to be minimal…” is referring specifically to the HEALING reaction from the remedy. That is to say that the silicea constitutional type will generally not be prone to big, loud, dramatic healing reactions as their life force restores order after the curative action of the remedy.

    And that’s the key part – that the CURATIVE action of the remedy always works equally regardless of constitutional type. Just like the law of gravity which cannot be disobeyed, neither can the law of cure (like cures like).

    I hope you’re feeling – whatever the opposite of ‘devastated’ is at the moment – if you’re a silicea, then this is good news, in that you shouldn’t expect big, loud, dramatic healing reactions that knock you off your feet. (At least most of the time).

    Cure, however, is an ‘equal opportunity’ phenomenon. Blockages to cure are not at all connected to the person’s constitutional type.

  17. Hi Kristen,

    Here’s a reply from practitioner, Jeff Korentayer:

    “Only if the body perceives them as “foreign”, in the sense of being loose, or in other cases, made of a material not “resonant” with the body. This is where it is useful to test the material for resonance ahead of the procedure, to make sure.”

    – Diane, Office Manager

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