Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Phosphorous

The element of phosphorous in nature is one which has a low combustion point, and is used as an ingredient in match heads, due to its easily being ignited into flame. The image of the match head being quick to burst into flame, yet also quick to burn itself out is a great image for understanding the energy dynamics of someone of a Phosophorous constitutional type. Quick to excitement and enthusiasm, the Phosophorous personality can be very magnetic and an instigator in social situations, but they can have the challenge of easily burning themselves out by taking on too much at a time. Fortunately, when they are relatively healthy, they can bounce back quickly, even from very brief cat naps. It is phosphorous in the firefly which creates the glow. The Phosphorous constitution can be said to be “all light, but no heat”.

Phosophorous individuals have very thin skin, metaphorically speaking, and are highly sensitive to their environment, whether of the emotions of the people around them, or literally of changes in the weather and atmosphere. They seek to avoid or diffuse conflict around them, as a means to relieve their own heightened experience of the build up of charge of such energy. On this note, they can tend to be pleasers, or entertainers, always trying to keep the spirits up of those around them. One of the downsides is that they can easily fall into relationships where they completely lose track of their own identity, and become co-dependently lost in the ego of their beloved. More generally, they may have an underlying feeling of anxiety when alone, and have a high drive to be around other people, even if that means having a talk radio station playing in the background.

The positive side to their sensitivity is that they are highly sympathetic to the feelings and experiences of those around them, and are able to communicate about these things in great depth. Communication and expression, as a matter of fact, are core to the Phosphorous personality, who is the most expressive of all the constitutional types. Whether in terms of emotional communication as I just mentioned, or artistic expression, the Phosphorous type is a continual font.

They are driven to try many things, and to have many experiences, that is, when they haven’t surpassed their own limits and driven themselves to burnout. You could say that everyone goes through a kind of Phosphorous phase during their 20s, when exploring all aspects of the worlds’ ideas and cultures is a typical form of expression of our life energy.

Phosphorous children are very bright and talkative, and the parents will often feel that they need to “tie a kite string” to their toe, to keep them from floating off into the ether. Mitten pairs attached by a string were probably invented for Phosphorous children, whose entire winter wardrobe can usually be found in the school’s lost-and-found at the end of the year.

Like all experiences in their life, they usually embrace Heilkunst treatment as an experience they explore with every nuance of their feeling life, and have much to report to the practitioner at each visit.

5 thoughts on “Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Phosphorous

  1. Doris Leightley

    Interesting Jeff!! Being very curious, I must read all 6 of them now. And, yes, this description does fit me. No surprise to you of course.

    In case you wonder how I found the blog posting: you have recently posted some things on LinkedIn about the constitution types.


  2. JOE

    My canine has many physical ailments trying to find his constitution. He is 11 yo AmStaff. Pleasant likes most all dogs, especially small dogs. Does not like when dogs ruff house or fight. Easy going does not romp and play anymore but loves greeting and meeting other canines. Suffers from Cushing’s, tumors, growths warts etc, gum boil and foot and ear problems, yeast in the ear, feet small growths between toes and up inside pads and toes. Has an odor cheesy like.

  3. reception

    Hi Joe,

    Practitioner, Allyson McQuinn has provided the following reply:

    “Hi there, I’d have to take your pup’s case in order to be sure, however, based on what you’ve mentioned here, it appears he may be the very sweet “peace-keeper” typology that depicts a Pulsatilla. They despise conflict. This constitution has a strong predisposition for the Genetic Miasm, Medorrhinum given the tumors, ear issues, gum boil and other growths. This root also has a strong predilection for breathing issues, right-sided joint pain, heart disease, stroke and arthritic issues that engenders symptoms over time. We also find the owner typically has similar issues coming down their family line. In Heilkunst Medicine, we generally treat owner and dog together, given this karmic connection.

    Here’s a blog that speaks more to this relationship: https://arcanum.ca/2013/01/09/animals-and-heilkunst/

    Also, don’t hesitate to follow up on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ArcanumWholisticClinic/

  4. Kim

    It’d be great if on each type you’d add famous constitutional types, they help as a visual when trying to determine other peoples types.

  5. reception

    Hi Kim,

    Here’s a reply from practitioner, Jeff Korentayer:

    “Good idea! I do often draw on these kinds of examples in 1-on-1 consults with patients when discussing their genotype – one of the challenges in the written form is to find examples which are known across different generations.
    Do you have any examples of famous phosphorous types that I could add to this blog post?”

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