Examining the Adverse Effects of Fluoride (part four)

I will continue to explore the various issues related to water fluoridation in the upcoming blog posts in this series, but today I’d like to focus again on a less known aspect of this issue, as illustrated by homeopathic principles. I previously illustrated some of the adverse effects of fluoric acid, as demonstrated by the homeopathic provings, and I’d like to extend that line of thinking into the relationship between certain homeopathic remedies, and their deeper ‘homotonic’ remedies, which is another way of showing the relationship between the surface symptom picture, and the deeper root causes of disease.

In the case of the homeopathic remedy fluoric acid, it is one of a number of ‘pathic’ remedies (symptom expression) related to the deeper ‘tonic’ remedy (underlying, deeper cause of disease itself) known as Syphilis. The Syphilis miasm’s main characteristics are : destruction; erosion; deviousness; amorality; and complete disconnection from life. A brilliant artistic expression of this disease was portrayed by Heath Ledger’s character of The Joker in the 2008 movie The Dark Knight.

This deep disease root of Syphilis, which virtually everyone contains at least a seed of, will express itself through a number of potential homeopathic symptom pictures, as illustrated by these and other remedies:

  • Aurum Metallicum (gold)
  • Arenicum (Arsenic)
  • Fluoric Acid (fluroide)
  • Mercurius (Mercury)

Each of these toxic substances produces a homeopathic remedy capable of addressing a certain part of the Syphilis disease expression. Three of the above four substance, as it happens, are part of standard dental treatments, which is one of the more toxic branches of Allopathic medicine, and which happens to be one of the professions with the highest rate of suicide. It is no accident that such a high rate of suicide appears in a profession which is in regular contact with these medicinal substances related to the Syphilis miasm.

Looking at fluoride in this light, it becomes clear that it is a toxic substance with the potential to bring out some of the most destructive biological and psychological processes in the human organism. The very fact of how fluoride has been deviously slipped into our drinking water, is itself a very culturally syphilitic gesture which crosses lines of morality and respect for human life.

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