Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Calcarea Carbonicum

Calcarea Carbonica is one of the three IQ remedies, along with Silicea and Lycopodium. They possess the most down-to-earth and practical intelligence, compared to the more abstract thinking of Silicea, with Lycopodium falling halfway in between. They are typically found as the natural marriage partner for Sulphur, forming one of the spherical-radial combinations, being the spherical or containment force for the very radial Sulphur constitutional type.

They are characteristically very down to earth and affable. They tend to be very community-minded, being comforted by tradition and history. They generally take a very plodding, systematic approach to everything they do, and can become extremely stubborn if someone attempts to change their rhythm. They will have a tendency towards workaholism, from the fact that they don’t like to leave something they are working on before it is done.

One of the key words of Calcarea is ‘security’ : the most likely source of anxiety for them is anything which threatens their sense of security, whether in terms of the financial security in their life, or even something new in their life which disturbs their daily or weekly routines. They may have any number of fears about security, and will tend to be in the category of emotional eaters. They can tend to carry extra weight, which is a physical representation of clinging to something for a sense of security.

An artistic image that makes me think of Calcarea, is the moment in the first Lord of the Rings movie, where Frodo pauses on the path he is walking, turns to Sam to say that they are crossing the point representing the furthest he has every been from home. Hobbits, in general, display this Calc feeling of being strongly community-minded, and highly focussed on creature comforts including super-regular meals (“second breakfast”).

Although their general tone is very easy going, they can become as stubborn as a mule, and dig their heels in if they feel rushed, or otherwise forcibly interrupted from what they were in the middle of. They may often take on too much, to the point of feeling overwhelmed, when they will shut down.

They are highly intelligent, especially for more concrete facts and practical knowledge. They are very systematic thinkers, and like to understand how things work together as a whole. Children famously are always asking “why?”, but this question is that much more critical for the Calcarea child who seeks to understand the systematic basis behind all different pieces of knowledge.

Physically, they tend to suffer illness related to the glandular system. They can tend towards hypochondria, and a feeling when they’re sick that they’ll never become well again. They can have a deep fear that they will be perceived as slow or stupid, which is not true, as they simply “march to their own drummer”.


  • Podcast “Man Afraid of Everything” – autobiographical portrayal of the Calcarea state of mind of trepidation for many things in life.

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  2. Jean Vaughan

    Absolutely brilliant – it fits me exactly!!!!
    Silica came first but now I become Calcarea Carbonicum.
    I am a Complementary Therapist which includes Kinesiology so I therefore have the advantage of muscle testing.
    Thank you so very much, I appreciate your knowledge, time and wisdom.
    Kind regards and love
    Jean Vaughan (UK)

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