Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Pulsatilla

I come today to the sixth genotype, which is Pulsatilla. The remedy is made from the wind flower, and this is an apt image for this personality type, which is, on the one hand, flexible enough to blow backward and forward in the breeze, but on the other, possibly lacking in decisiveness from one moment to the next. They are highly impressionable, and easily influenced.

The Pulsatilla constitutional type represents the emotional mind, or gut mind, in complete opposition to Lycopodium’s intellectual mind. The emotional mind works through multiple connections and associations, rather than the linear A-B-C thinking of the intellect. Pulsatillas are very warm, both in personality as well as body temperature, and seek out deep and genuine connection. They can be extremely sweet in temperament and very affectionate and nurturing. They are of a shy nature, which is best represented by the word “coy”, and as adults will be sweetly seductive. The image of a small child peeking out at a stranger from behind mother’s skirt  comes to mind. The “look at me, no don’t!” dynamic of the game “peekaboo” captures this feeling.

The key question both child and adult Pulsatilla asks either implicitly or explicitly is “do you love me?”, and will go to great lengths to either secure or hold onto a relationship, even holding on, unfortunately, to unhealthy or abusive ones.

Inside the consult room, they are extremely forthcoming with their feelings, and form a strong bond with the therapist. They weep easily, and elicit a feeling of sympathy. They feel better from any form of consolation, as opposed to some of the other constitutional types who prefer to process feelings on their own.

As the wind flower easily blows back and forth in the breeze, all aspects of Pulsatilla are highly changeable, whether in terms of their mood, or the nature or location of physical symptoms which seem to wander at will.

Physically, they can have a tendency to illness related to the reproductive organs, such as uterine fibroids in women, or prostate cancer in men. Generally, they have a tendency to become overheated, and have a need for getting outdoors into the fresh air, or at least having a window open.

Similarly to Lycopodium, they are very socially adept and adabtable, and are very natural networkers and connectors. They are usually fairly organized, and good at working on highly detailed projects. A good receptionist, for example, fulfills their role well the more they posses the healthy qualities of Pulsatilla. They are extremely loving parents, and always give a lot back to their closest family members and friends.

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  1. Janice

    Interesting… I’m a Silicea, but I possess a lot of Pulsatilla characteristics as well… I’m finding these descriptions very interesting, since I don’t know a lot about all of the constitutions…

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    Hi Janice – yes, there is a strong connection between Silicea and Pulsatilla, and they’ll offten have lots of cross-over. Actually, the healthier we become, the more we show healthy characteristics of all 6 genotypes. Its something I’m thinking about writing about in tomorrow’s blog.

  3. Andrea

    It would seem from your description that this describes many women—Marilyn Monroe certainly portrayed many characteristics of pulsatilla. Have you met any pulsatilla men, and if so, how do you recognize them compared to women ? I am curious since our society has issues accepting men with feminine qualities. Thanks!

  4. jkorentayer Post author

    Andrea, that’s an excellent set of observations and questions. There are many pulsatilla men out there, but this often gets obscured or hidden under layers of emotional conflicts about societal expectations for boys and men. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog series on the six phenotypes, which are also constitutions, but not fundamental healthy or natural ones, but rather the result and compensation of internalized conflict or traumas such as these. Marilyn Monroe is certainly pulsatilla – good example!

  5. Molly

    Hi, I just found out, from an online quiz hosted at homeo-encyclopedia.com or something, that I’m mostly pusatilla (45%) but reading this description, I just don’t see myself : I am far from sweet, and certainly not easily influenced! The nerve of that test! I answered all of the typo-ridden questions (100+) so I was hoping for an accurate answer. Does this mean I can’t get it from a website? Cause Medicaid don’t pay for no homeopath 😉 I guess I’ll have to keep searching. Having went to a Waldorf elementary school, homeopathy strikes a chord with me, I especially love how much it is like Alchemy, transmuting the “lead” of sickness into the “gold ” of health.

  6. Salem2006

    Hi. Me and my husband are both pulsatilla. Do same constitution marriages prove to be successful/healthy?

  7. jkorentayer Post author

    Very interesting question! I rarely see a same-constitution marriage, so have little to base a response on. How would you describe your relationship given the same constitution?

  8. Emma Groves

    I have just recently understood homeopathy and constitutions. My 6 year old daughter was put on pulsatilla for her lactose intolerance and once I read the overview it is bang on for her. It has been so great to understand her better and give her the support she needs in everyday life. My younger girl I have just found out is a tub avaire and that so aptly describes her. Now I understand why the dynamics in my household are so intense. Now to get their health on track. Then deal with the personality clash.

  9. jkorentayer Post author

    HI Emma – thanks so much for sharing your “home grown” examples of personality types and dynamics!

    It’s true that there’s nothing like getting the correct remedy to help a person with a health or general life issue.

    I want to quickly point out a couple of concepts that your post brings up – the first is the important distinction to make between what is a “disease” in Heilkunst, versus what is a “constitution”, as they are not the same thing. The latter is simply the person’s basic personality and physiology type, which can be more or less in balance; where the former (a disease) is not ‘who’ the person is, but a fundamental disturbance of their healthy functioning for some reason (toxin, pathogen, genetic disease pattern, etc.) – a disease is *not* the same as a person’s constitution.

    On a similar note, a mistake often made with homeopathic prescribing is thinking that finding and prescribing a constitutional remedy for a person is sufficient to deal with ALL of their health problems, for the rest of their lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The constitutional remedy plays a very valuable role in supporting and balancing a person, but it is unable to actually cure any of the underlying disease layers.

    Pulsatilla (the remedy) can fall under either category (constitution or disease) depending on the case. Tub avaire can only be used to treat a disease, and is not an actual constitutional type.

  10. Bina

    M confused between pulsatilla and luck. As my Grand son very attached to his mom, shy to girls,but very intelligent, manipuatve, but dictatorial at home

  11. jkorentayer Post author

    Hi Bina – Yes, I understand your confusion about typing someone in terms of their genotype (healthy constitution) versus phenotype (unhealthy, defense state). When I was a student, it took me a number of years to go from book knowledge to real world knowledge of the constitutions.

    I’d be happy to treat you and your Grandson, and remove any interferences to your natural, healthy personalities, and live the fullest of your lives.

  12. Rein Lily

    Yes, but I am a pulsatilla, lycopodium AND an sulphur. (She says, suffering from dizzy spells and light headaches; runs her own ‘business’; after hiding her red pigtails behind mom’s shirt-tails for her first 15 years… am still feeling not good enough at anything to make a living.

  13. jkorentayer Post author

    To find your one true genotype, Rein Lily, we’d need to do a further assessment of you to separate your fundamental qualities from the disease elements.

  14. Amelda

    You mentioned that a Pulsatilla can be loving and giving a lot back to his family. Is it when he’s in healthy stage? My son was given Pulsatilla two weeks ago for his eczema. He’s rather cold towards family but happy to spend time with his close friends. Is this a sign of unhealthy stage?

  15. reception

    Hi Amelda, follows is a reply from practitioner, Jeff Korentayer:

    While I don’t know your son’s case, and cannot comment directly, here’s a key point for you to keep in mind in assessing his response to Puls:
    There is a fundamental difference between “a state of disease”, and “a state of health”. Presuming that the pulsatilla was given to treat the underlying disease state behind your son’s eczema, then you should expect to see a classic healing reaction following the curative action of the remedy. In other words, it is possible for someone to need pulsatilla to treat a disease, although that is not their natural constitutional type (a state of health). It’s very important to distinguish between these two things.

    This blog may provide further clarity – https://arcanum.ca/2012/12/29/state-of-mind-in-health-and-in-disease/

  16. Priya

    I have Ibs-constipation(leaky gut)and a sphincter muscle that is unable to relax. I have mild hemorrhoid that doesn’t bleed. I am intolerant to diary and gluten. I have ocd and keep check8ng stove . I have had different types of stress from childhood and I fear if I committed sin, Even if I didn’t. I have cold hand and feet. I like warm climate. I have dry skin. I had skin itching that disappeared with SUlphur 1m, still my sk8n is sensitive. I have sensitivities to chemicals etc. I am ambitious and have a messy wardrobe. I would like to know my constitutional remedy and want to cure my sphincter muscle spasm and get rid of constipation and hemoroid. My symptoms aggravate with stress and intolerant food. Please advice

  17. reception

    Thank you so much for your inquiry. I will send you a private email to address your questions.
    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager, Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

  18. Victoria

    Hi, I believe I am Pulsatilla / Phosphorus constitution. I have been suffering with silent acid reflux which causes a tight throat making it difficult to get air. It’s also been causing anxiety/ panic attacks and depression. It seems to be better when I eat and worse if I am alone. I feel as though I am a hypochondriac. I am sensitive to mold, weather changes(wind, rain, cold) and easily upset. I am jealous natured and obsessive with many things like checking if stove, curling iron is left on or doors are locked. I’m afraid of someone breaking into the house while sleeping at night. My throat is often affected when getting sick. I worry about my health obsessively. These symptoms came on 2 weeks after my elderly mother passed away. She had pneumonia & I often wonder if I did everything I could have for her. Can anyone help with this constricted throat/ acid reflux condition? Thank you.

  19. reception

    Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for your comment. I am going to reply to you by email, with information on how we can connect you with a practitioner.

    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

  20. Dr Shahjahan

    Dear Dr Jeff I am a 55 year old male practising medical doctor and a Pediatric Anaesthesiologist in Chennai, India. I have been suffering from IBS-D type since 2001 but manageable till 2017. I am Lactose and Gluten intolerant since then. Last year around July 2017 I developed upper GI symptoms like Dyspepsia, belching, early satiety, lack of appetite suddenly and loss of weight six months after a course of antibiotics for one month for infected sebaceous cyst of the back. I consulted Medical Gastro here and had a battery of investigations. Found to have mild inflammation of the stomach, small bowel and large bowel. A comprehensive stool analysis from Genova Labs, US revealed Small Intestinal bacterial overgrowth along with Candida overgrowth. A local Homeo says she has to treat as per the constitution – genotype of the person for a permanent cure of my problem. I read your statements that go contrary to her belief. I kindly request you Dr. Jeff to help me get back to my normal health. I shall be highly obliged to you for ever. God bless you.

  21. reception

    Hello Dr. Shahjahan,
    Thank you for reaching out to Arcanum. I will send you a reply by email to let you know how you can get started with treatment with practitioner, Jeff Korentayer.
    Regards, – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

  22. Malynda


    I am a pulsatella constitution but I don’t know how to use it or in what dosage. Would you be able to help me with how to take it?

    Thank you for your time & attn to this.

    Malynda Barakadyn

  23. reception

    Hi Malynda,

    We received your voice mail and this comment. Practitioner, Jeff Korentayer, will be connecting with you very soon.

    Thanks so much,

    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

  24. Sheenam dudeja

    Hello doctor, I want to talk to you about my health issue. I am suffering from quite long time with no understanding from doctors side. M vry mch depressed. Can you please contact me once or tell me where I can contact you.

  25. reception

    Hi Sheenam,
    Thank you for contacting Arcanum. Our on-boarding team will be in touch via email.
    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

  26. Faiz

    I feel like I am Pulsatilla type but some symptoms are not in me.
    can anyone help me know my exact constitution?

    thank you

  27. reception

    Hi Faiz,

    Here’s a reply from practitioner, Jeff Korentayer:

    “Thank you – that’s a good question.

    The stumbling block that students of homeopathy have a hard time getting over is that they don’t understand the distinction between a constitution as a state of health, versus other remedy states which represent states of disease.

    Health and disease cannot be conflated.

    When it comes to the six genotypes (healthy constitutions) – we study characteristics and personality traits, rather than pathology and disease symptoms.

    We’d be happy to do a complete evaluation of your health, including identifying your genotype.

    The first step would be for you to fill out these two health forms.



    You can email your timeline to info@arcanum.ca


  28. Jessica

    I’ve always struggled with the question of does anyone love me. When I was a teen I cried in bed at night feeling like my mother didn’t love me. Of course she did but the emotions were strong. Then when I got married that question was strong and I became a emotional wreck. Thankfully, Pulsatilla has helped me to deal with those emotions. Now when I feel that ounce of hurt come I know its time to take it again. I’m about to celebrate my 31st anniversary to a Lycopodium man. I always thought that I was allergic to our anniversary because I would end up being sick and needing the salty air of the beach to handle the sneezing. Now I just take Pulsatilla.

  29. Goldee Greene

    Thank you very much. I am a woman who presents many conflicting symptoms that seem to narrow down to both Phos. and Puls. + shades of Nat. Mur. I am an opera singer and jazz vocal artist who enjoys peace, quiet, close friends and simplicity in everyday life. However, I seem to attract drama no matter how I try to avoid it. Thanks again.

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