Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Natrum Muriaticum

The first phenotype I would like to introduce to you is Natrum Muriaticum. This remedy is made from the chemical compound sodium chloride, which is common table salt. The two separate elements (sodium and chloride) are poisons, but become inert together in this compound. Sodium chloride, and all other forms of salt are examples of crystalization. This forms a first image for its use as a homeopathic remedy, in terms of all biological or psychological processes which condense items (such as cell structures or emotional memories) to be more easily retained, or “held on to”. Lot’s wife, in the Bible, illustrates this to us with an artistic image of being turned into a pillar of salt when looking back and trying to live in the past.
Natrum Muriaticum is extremely retentive, and the key theme of the remedy revolves around a loss of trust. Nat-m holds on to the past, and has a very hard time of letting go of anything, whether past emotions of hurt, or objects infused with the feeling of sentimentality. This is the foundational disease state of mind for anyone who falls into the category of hoarders. Even the physiology of the cancer cell illustrates this, as the normal healthy balance of potassium being predominant inside the cell, and sodium surrounding the outside of the cell is reversed, taking the function back to a much older state of evolution related to creatures of the sea. Such a cell retains an excessive, unhealthy amount of fluid, illustrating this deeper theme of failure to let go.
Nat-m is characteristically over-sensitive, and is very easily offended or hurt, although they will generally hold it in. They can be extremely reserved, never allowing anyone to see their inner emotional world or true feelings in life. All of this is a function of a tremendous wall or emotional defence designed to protect them from repeating the hurts of the past. It is the feeling of avoiding getting into any relationship, other than one where they feel absolutely certain that they will be “safe” and protected, which is usually in a form of co-dependency in the Nat-m state. William W. Purkey was probably speaking to someone in a Nat-m state when he famously advised:

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
Nat-m is overly serious, and tends to support one or another cause of social justice, which is really a projection of their own attempt to defend themselves from ever being hurt again by another. Grand political initiatives such as Socialism illustrate this principle extended out on a larger scale. They tend to suffer their grief in silence, not able to let go in front of anyone, with the exception of a single romantic partner or close friend who has been brought inside their inner “safe” zone. Even then, it is usually not even their true core self that is fully opened up, but still an outer layer of their persona.

A characteristic bad dream for Nat-m is of their house being robbed, as this represents an unwelcome outsider breaking in, and gaining access to their most valued, private, inner world. Even in waking life, you’ll find that they may be overly cautious about their house security system, as well as all kinds of efforts taken to ensure their annonymity and privacy in every aspect of their life. The privacy craze in terms of internet policies is fascinating to view from the point of view of the energy of this remedy state.
The physical symptoms of Nat-m include headaches (lots of congestion of the energy of uncried tears), as well as sinus infections originating at the site of the tear ducts. They are very sensitive to noise. Salt is a very strong craving in this state. The skin may be prone to dryness, and even significant cracks. They suffer from constipation, which is a combination of the dryness of this remedy, and the difficulty in letting go. They can often suffer insomnia, which is yet another form of having difficulty “letting go” of their daytime consciousness, into the uncontrolled world of sleep and dreams. Conversely, they may need to sleep excessively, as a mechanism for avoiding the intimacy and demand for emotional involvement of waking life. They may be very retentive of water, in parallel with holding onto all of their emotional hurts.
In treatment, it may be very difficult for the practitioner to get to really know the inner content of the patient, and can take quite a while for a relationship of trust to be formed. The idea of treatment itself, particularly on the emotional axis, will be perceived as a threat, and these patients will often be the ones who only bring a physical symptom in for treatment, but solidly block any attempt to explore the emotional realm. Thankfully, the remedy works to soften these patients up, who eventually start to open up, and allow their emotions as well as their treatment to flow.

After taking Nat-m, do you need some help in letting go, and letting the tears flow? Try:

21 thoughts on “Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Natrum Muriaticum

  1. Anne

    I read this, and it is me down to every detail .. but I dont like salt. I dont have salt in anything. Could it still be my remedy? My homeopath gave me Cal Carb but it hasnt worked. I feel that Nat Mur is a much closer fit; except for the salt.

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    Anne – first thing I’d say is that we need to get away from the myth of “the whole person remedy” or “one remedy per person”. The first step is to study the difference between “disease” and “constitution”, which this myths obscures.

    In other words, it takes a sequence of many remedies to lead a patient to health – kind of like the rungs on a ladder which lead someone up onto the roof, one step at a time.

    For more specific comment on your case, contact reception@arcanum.ca to set up an evaluation for yourself.

  3. Radha subhashini

    Really it is very useful for students and youngsters who practicing homoeo with great enthusiasm

  4. Mona

    Interesting…. so does that mean that a person who fits the description given above, should take natrum muriaticum as a remedy?

  5. jkorentayer Post author

    Hi Mona – the short answer would be “yes and no”. I say it that way, because while your statement is true in *principle* (the law of similars, or matching a remedy to a disease of a similar nature), there may be any number of other issues that need to be addressed first in a given case. But if we’re discussing a concept and principle, then you are correct. Real life, and practice is much more nuanced!

  6. Kashaf khan

    Hello.almost all these symptoms match one of my loved ones.she has the symptoms of ignatia as well.but now the disease/ stress has progressed so much that it seems ignatia is not working.i think natrum mur is best for her now but the problem is she fears medicine and never trust anybody even the doctors and her own children.so what to do so that she take medicine.

  7. reception

    Hi Kashaf, please see the email reply we sent to you today. Thanks so much, – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager / Reception Desk

  8. reception

    Hi Mel,
    A response from practitioner, Jeff Korentayer, follows:

    “Hi Mel –

    Since I don’t know your individual case, l can only comment at the general level of principles.

    First, it depends on what you mean by “nothing happens”? I know that patients usually mean they themselves didn’t experience anything in the 28 day cycle following the initiation of the remedy. But often, an attentive observer may notice a subtle shift, even if only at the level of the state of mind.

    Every reasonably healthy person will be affected by every dose of remedy, at least to a very subtle degree. This was an observation emphasized by Dr. Hahnemann.

    Next, comes the question of dose and potency. Is the patient getting the exact dose and potency that they need at that time? This is a very dynamic process to assess, and one of the most challenging aspects of prescribing. Human nature wants the “easy” answer, but the inconvenient truth is that every prescription takes both the scientific and artistic capacity of the prescriber.

    Finally, we need to look at the bigger context of the three jurisdictions of Heilkunst.

    Nat Mur belongs to the jurisdiction of therapeutic medicine. The questions we need to ask here are : Is this a remedy that the patient needs? And if so, is it a remedy that they need now? Are there other complementary remedies they need either before, during, or after, this prescription?

    And if it is actually a remedy that the patient needs, are there outstanding issues to address in the other two therapeutic jurisdictions? Is the patient’s healing power weakened due to a dietary deficiency? Or sub-clinical dehydration? Or perhaps they have a core belief which is currently active, and dominating their physiologic response to the medicine?

    This is all a brief outline of a larger clinical thought process.

    Also, one of the most pernicious of myths still overshadows prescribing, which is of the so-called “one remedy at a time” rule. This unfortunate error gets many students to seek the one “magic bullet” of a remedy, but then they miss this much more comprehensive thought process which leads to the actual cure of the patient.

    Aude Sapere.”

  9. Ritu

    It is fascinating to know about how deeply Nat Mur works. As I understand, that Nat Mur is one remedy for a general constitutional personality type. The dosage, potency, complementary remedies is case to case, based on is the therapeutic judgement of the practitioner.
    What I don’t understand is how long does this remedial course go on? If the complaints of the Nat Mur is around chronic issues like emotional distress, menstrual problems, headaches, how does one know for sure Nat Mur is working. And at what stage can it be known that it has started to work, is this a life long intake therefore ?

  10. reception

    The following is a response by practitioner, Jeff Korentayer:

    “Hi Ritu-

    You’ve mixed a bunch of questions all together, so I’ll do my best to give you some useful guidance on these concepts.

    First off – natrum muriaticum is a state of disease, rather than a healthy constitution. So unlike a genotype (healthy constitution) it’s not something that is part of you forever. Every disease can be cured 100%, given the correct sequence of dose and potency, as you mentioned.

    Your other question gets into fairly deep territory, which I can’t answer in this brief chat context here. That is, your question of “how do you know” when the remedy is working, when its curative action is complete, and so on. This takes us into the very deep area of philosophy of science, and the specific cognitive capacities needed by the physician to do these things accurately. The essential point here is that it takes one part of our mind which can see the outer effects of things (a symptom, for example), versus a different capacity of our mind which can accurately “see” the state of mind of the patient, as well as the state of mind of the disease (if any remains). This is the aspect of our training which teaches us how to determine how deep the cure has gone, in the sense of your question.

    I know this is brief, but at least I hope it sparks a different way of thinking about your question.”

  11. Labeebah Siddiqui

    Is it suitable to use (for my mother age. 40+ )
    in malignant parotid tumor , ( wound 4×3 cms behind the left ear )
    swelling on face and around left eye, with overall Weakness ? ?? Potency?

  12. Deepak Upreti

    Excellent description. My daughter is 19, she keeps picking white dandruff from her scalp.She is averse to cold, doesn’t mix too much with others ,averse to taking commands, does what she likes and likes salty eatable. I am giving her Nat Mur to treat her dandruff on her scalp. Is it fine ?

  13. reception

    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog!
    While the therapeutic principles of Heilkunst are universal, their application needs to be individualized on a case by case basis.
    Whenever you’re ready, we can set up an individualized assessment of your case. Just send an email to reception@arcanum.ca, and we’ll get you started right away.


    – Diane Nowlan
    Office Manager / Reception Desk
    Arcanum Wholistic Clinic Inc.

  14. Malini

    I seem to fit this description perfectly. I have a fatty liver, gall stones and suffer from low energy and get easily tired. I am a 40 year old female and am overweight. Please advise.

  15. reception

    Hi Malini,

    Thank you for your comment! I have sent you an email on how to get started as a new patient.


    – Diane Nowlan
    Office Manager, Arcanum Wholistic Clinic



  17. reception

    Dear Ernest,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog!

    While the therapeutic principles of Heilkunst are universal, their application needs to be individualized on a case by case basis.

    Whenever you’re ready, we can set up an individualized assessment of your case. Just send an email to reception@arcanum.ca with the subject “Treatment Assessment”, and we’ll get you started right away.


    Diane Nowlan, Office Manager
    Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

  18. Ritu

    This is a wonderfully helpful blog.
    I have have taking Nat Mur since about 3 years now. Initially I complained of sinus headaches when they became frequent and severe, after the treatment, this has some what improved. Yet, I have developed a real weak constitution, pms related issues, bloating chest heaviness, and a sense of being fatigued easily.
    From a mood perspective I’ve felt slightly better as I’ve gotten more objective and at ease.
    However, my immunity levels seem low, I’ve been curious. What can I do

  19. reception

    Dear Ritu,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog!

    While the therapeutic principles of Heilkunst are universal, their application needs to be individualized on a case by case basis.

    Whenever you’re ready, we can set up an individualized assessment of your case. Just send an email to reception@arcanum.ca with the subject “Treatment Assessment”, and we’ll get you started right away.

    Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

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