Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Staphysagria

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Materia Medica Arcana of Staphysagria : Ending the Victimization Cycle

Materia Medica Arcana of Staphysagria : Ending the Victimization Cycle

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The core theme of the phenotype Staphysagria centres around victimization. They are the type who get caught up in cycles of abuse where they are unable to say “no”, or assert a necessary boundary, but immediately regretting and resenting their own lack of voice, along with the actions of their abuser. Even in non-chronic abuse situations, Staphysagria results from anger which is ‘swallowed’ rather than expressed. There is a core feeling of injustice or of life being “unfair”, and being at the mercy of the whims and actions of others.

The classic physical symptoms of Staphysagria revolve around the bladder and kidneys, in terms of infections, or cysts. These symptoms are the physical embodiment of the unexpressed emotion of feeling “pissed off”, which have to come out in one way or another, if the natural avenue of expression wasn’t taken. Other physical symptoms include styes or tumors of the eyelid. Many digestive issues, including chronic irritable bowel syndrome can also result from this suppressed energy. Any medical condition which first began after an incident of suppressed anger or humiliation can be reversed with this remedy.

Someone who has taken on the long-term personality of Staphysagria as their phenotype will be extremely sweet in character, who almost never expresses or even allows themselves to feel anger or any dark emotions. There may often be cultural or religious forces which encourage such unhealthy suppression of one’s true feelings. When a patient insists to me that they “never feel angry”, a big red flag goes up in my mind, and this becomes a strong consideration for treatment of this phenotype. Despite all the suppression, this is a state where much energy continually builds up, and occasionally “bursts out” in one form or another, which may often include throwing something – whether a physical object or a tantrum. They find it next to impossible to initiate a confrontation, even when it is necessary in a given situation, which tends to reinforce the vicious cycle of their state of victimhood.

"Anguish" by Jonathan Daroca

“Anguish” by Jonathan Daroca https://flic.kr/p/6XaQrE


Oftentimes, this dynamic of energy suppression will be funnelled into an excessive sex drive, with masturbation becoming one of the substitute vehicles for discharge, rather than confronting the primary emotional causations of this energy. The patient may have dreams of their teeth being loose, or even falling out, as a symbol of their lack of “bite” or aggression as required in healthy proportions. Consumption of sugars and sweets will usually be part of the picture, as another mechanism employed to maintain a falsely “sweet” character, covering over the dark material always threatening to burst back out into the light of day.

In treatment, Staphysagria as a phenotype will act to please the physician through compliance, although at home, in private, may suddenly turn against the practitioner and their treatment, and abandon it, in favour of keeping the suppressed emotional content from being raised back up into consciousness. The positive progression of treatment, however, usually leads to a much more assertive character, while the physical symptoms dissolve in proportion to the patient’s strengthening emotional immune system.

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25 thoughts on “Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Staphysagria

  1. jkorentayer Post author

    It’s so funny you mention that, Norine, because we’re working on expanding this post into a longer e-book to go into more details.

  2. Jill

    Thank you so much for explaining the word Staphisagria. Approximately two years ago I received
    homeopathy treatment, my practitioner hit the nail on the head so to speak, as much inner healing work took place with in me.
    In a draw I’ve just found a few ‘extra’ tablets in an envelope with ‘Staphisagria’ written on it, I had know idea what the word meant so looked it up and found your site.
    I can clearly see and understand the old self. I’m now standing on my own two feet, no longer a victim, onward and upward with the next leg of life’s journey, with a little help from my friends:-)
    Blessings and Rainbows to you Jkorentayer
    jill Namaste’

  3. jkorentayer Post author

    Thanks for your comments, Jill – the principles are always exactly the same from one decade to the next, but the individual experiences people will have and share are valuable to hear.

  4. amcquinn

    Thanks for your comment Tracy. Jeff and I are actually in the throes of writing a book on Staphysagria together that will really illuminate the fuller picture of this critical remedy for our times. Please follow us on our Facebook Page at http://bit.ly/ArcanumFB which is where we will announce its imminent release.

  5. Henrique Brito

    Thank you for your helpful posts. You made me intrigued about the homeopathic constitutional types, i didn’t knew that there was a theory like this behind the consultation. I have a question for you about this constitutional types: can a person be more than one? I identify myself with Lycopodium and Staphysagria, but i’m not sure if it’s just me that tends to see a little bit of myself on a lot of things

  6. Henrique Brito

    Also, is there any relationship with one specific genotype and a person which has a lot of astrological elements funneled into fire signs? (my case)

  7. jkorentayer Post author

    Hi Henrique,

    Thanks for your comments on my “Staphysagria” blog post, and the homeopathic constitutions.

    To your first question, “can a person be more than 1 constitution”, the answer is “yes and no”. “Yes”, in the sense that of the 6 genotypes, everyone has a mix of all 6 – it’s just that 1 tends to be dominant for each person. It’s kind of like the dominance of right- or left-handedness. Some people are ambidextrous, but most people are more dominant in 1 hand than the other.

    Also, to your question about the relationship between the astrological signs and the constitutions, the answer is “no” – there is no connection between the 2. One person may be a Leo sun sign, and also a Pulsatilla constitution, while another person may be a Leo sun sign, and also a Sulphur constitution.

    The constitution (ie the Genotype) does not define our whole self, but a certain aspect of it. It defines who we are, and how we behave and react when we’re in a relative state of health.

  8. al Jazar

    I searched hi and low the internet and homeopathic literature for a re-occurring dream I am having for over 10 years. The dream is of my teeth coming out from socket into my mouth and dropping out on my palms.
    I just came a cross this blog where you mention about teeth falling out and the whole thing make sense, I have also feel not inclined to masturbate for the first time after 25 years. When the teeth come out I get scared in the dream that I lost my teeth and people will say I am old. etc

    Please can you explain why and how you know or found that teeth come out in Staphysagriya.

    It is very interesting.

  9. Cris

    Great article on staph, and very informative blog.. but just a couple observations relating to the comment above, regarding the zodiac signs. I actually know a few scorpios who present the loquacity of lachesis. That doesn’t mean that they need the remedy, but part of the archetype is there. Same for libra and staphysagria; we loathe the ugly, and will at times suppress our anger rather than commit a faux pas. Likewise, we suffer at witnessing an injustice. Well, obviously I need staph myself, and that doesn’t mean every libra needs staph, but again that “I never feel angry” is an ideal that libra longs for. Then there’s calcarea carbonica, which resonates with cancer, sulphur with leo and once in a while, nux vomica with capricorn.

  10. syed muhammad qasim

    In some cultures many males can not express their sexual desire according to their wish, which create a great problem in the form of unwanted erection in staph constitution

  11. Renata

    Gosh, I just had the most amazing results with this one! I can see exactly what the problems have been but had not appreciated this little remedy would get me so well so staggeringly quickly! 15 years of motherhood and 10 years of married life have taken their toll, for sure. I would add sleeping OK but waking up feeling unrefreshed and lethargic, so it takes huge determination to get up and get through the day. Add to that chronic urge incontinence and “cotton wool for brains”, and you have where I have been for the last few years! The short term lift has been just fabulous – bouncing out of bed, walking quicker, thinking better and a much more comfortable bladder! However the causes are all still there… hmmm, will have to ponder on that??

  12. Mridula

    My teeth are in a bad shape the gums have receded to the far end, the teeth are black at the periphery and at the gum line. I have also lost many a teeth. is there a way of stopping these and regenerating the lost teeth.

  13. Marta

    Cris, I am a Libra and resonate with what you said, could you recommend a book regarding the Zodiac and Homeopathy and info would be appreciated. Thanks jkorentyer for this post.

  14. jkorentayer Post author

    Hi Victoria – prescribing the correct dose and potency is a very subtle art which can only be practiced one individual case at a time – there are no generic recipes for which remedy to give, and in which dose and potency.

    I’d be happy to review your case if you want to set up an appointment at reception@arcanum.ca

  15. sufi

    I have very severe ocd … sexual intrusive thoughts…jealousy which frightens me. Anger which I get for v small problem of other person and it grows on me until I snap the relationship. Fear of dominating personalities and compulsion to bully weak which also upsets me alot. My whole childhood my dad was dominating and I did sports under his pressure for many many years. Dreams of falling teeth. Scalp has pustules which i scrap off. I was v sweet polite and comforming.Now I am totally gone case. My ocd is totally opposite. .I am angry jealous and terrified of these feelings. I suffer panic attacks and ocd. Fear of men. Ocd makes me suicidal. Pls help. Im from india

  16. sufi

    I cannot confront authority and cannot say no to people …I get double minded on moral grounds . Both ways I feel terribly guilty for not speaking up for myself or not doing my responsibility.

  17. amcquinn

    Yes, when I suffered more as a “pleaser” I too felt this moral dilemma, unsure of my own mind. I’ve found that going through the process of Heilkunst Treatment, I’m so sure of my ethical centre, now, that I don’t vacillate when it comes to speaking my mind. I wish the same for you too as the more we feel like prey, the more Staphysagria disease we perpetuate in ourselves.

  18. amcquinn

    I feel a great deal of compassion for you. I too had a very colourful and difficult past that was bleeding into my present. I came to Heilkunst Medicine to both cure and heal the root cause for my suffering. If you wish to be treated by either of our practitioners by phone or Skype, simply contact our Office Manager at reception@arcanum.ca.

  19. Marcie

    I’m going to try staphisagria for an irritable nerve causing sneezing. Very angry towards the dentist that collapsed my bite causing many problems including the trigiminal nerve already mentioned. Consent was ignored.
    The reason I write this is: if a homeopath told me that I was too pleasing a personality – He or she would be saying this damage was my fault. Remember consent ignored. So expect repercussion.
    This would normal not a reaction to the rememedy.

  20. Ms Phillips

    Please could you send me your website address so I can keep up with these conversations, also any other homeopathic information that is available.

    Thank you very much

  21. Mally C Strong

    I took staph because I suffered a hostile takeover of a business my uncle hired my to start by a group f cousins who allowed me to set it up and then rose one body to say they didn’t want me doing it–they wanted to do the business themselves–six months after I started it. My cousin said she had never forgiven me for a fight her mother had started with me. Her mother had been left behind. She had not gone to college like the rest of her siblings. I went to the family school and was hated by my aunt for it. Anyways this takeover was tolerated because the other older siblings int hat generation couldn’t sit down with the sister and simply talk it through. I was having fits of anger and firing off angry emails but my family was punishing e–byt excluding me from social gatherings. I was being shunned. Since I live alone–it was very effective and I end u begging forgiveness as though I was wrong for expressing anger. In the evening when I ate, I would start coughing and then vomiting. The remedy helped tremendously. I haven’t vomited in days.

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