Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Nux Vomica

The key feeling of Nux Vomica is of thwarted ambition. Ambition is something which is derived from the false ego, and drives us to accomplish things which are not derived from our true self. Such pursuits are bound to lead us into conflict or stress of various kinds, and the need for a constant recharging of energy which peters out just as quickly.

The Nux Vomica phenotype is very hot-headed, with an explosive temper, which bursts out at anyone or anything they perceive to be in their way. Their perception is that everyone around them is moving too slowly, and when in the role of a boss, they will bark out orders and reprimands in a usually colourful palette of language.

They behave in a highly competitive way, and make very poor sports who can’t stand losing. This is true both at work as well as their “leisure” time, where winning is everything. They act overly confident, even to the point of arrogance. They are very impatient, and will break things out of frustration, such as smashing their computer keyboard when a page on the internet is loading too slowly. Small or large examples of ‘road rage’ are rooted back to the energy of this remedy.

They are attracted to the use of all forms of stimulants in order to keep themselves propelled forward, but then will hit a point of collapse sooner, or later. The famous, and tragic, examples of Elvis and Michael Jackson illustrate this pattern of being reliant on drugs and cycling through these great highs and lows in the name of “the show must go on”. All forms of caffeinated beverages, especially including coffee, are the general fuel for this underlying energy behind most of our modern working world, which participates this Nux Vomica energy, even if not in full-blown form as I’ve described in the paragraphs above. Many prescription or street drugs may be used as stimulants in this state. Nux Vomica is the ultimate hangover remedy, and should be served at every New Year’s Day breakfast.

The physical pathology of Nux Vomica affects the gastro-intestinal tract, including symptoms of spasms and cramping. They can suffer a form of constipation which has unproductive urging, and mirrors the underlying feeling of this state, which is a compensation for “wants to, but afraid they can’t”. Many symptoms of Nux centre around the nervous system, which is highly charged, as in “my nervous system is fried”.

8 thoughts on “Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Nux Vomica

  1. Cassanova

    Sigh! I am “being” Nux Vomica, I am deciding whether to finish a degree I do not really want to. My coffee intake has skyrocketed, I would love to smoke ( I am not). So if I am pursuing something “not me”, will Nux Vomica help me continue to do that? Or should I re-evaluate that plan. I mean when do you just dig in and “finish something” as they say or say its okay this is not me and quit.
    (If this is to personal or not right for you blog I apologize)

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    It would be more accurate to say that “I have a nux disease” rather than “I am ‘being’ nux”. When the homeopathic remedy cures a disease in the patient, after all, the patient doesn’t disappear in the process.

    I don’t mind going into your personal case, butwe could go much further if we arrange to do so one-on-one.

  3. k.k.dave

    interesting writup. i believe atleast three symptoms should match for a good prescription.it is requested that a similar writeup be made available for argenticum nitricum!
    with best regards

  4. jkorentayer Post author

    Hi Dave – if you know how to prescribe purely on the “state of mind”, then no symptoms need to be either present or identified in order to prescribe accurately.

  5. Rose

    OMG! Thank you SO much! This is absolutely me! I am so grateful to have found this site and for the insights you have shared. You are very talented – keep up the great content!

  6. reception

    Hi Rose, thank you so much for your kind words! We’re so pleased you are enjoying our blogs.
    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager, Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

  7. annonymous

    Huh! This (NUX) was my first prescribed constitutional remedy by a homeopath. As I am reading the profile of this remedy… I don’t see it in me. But apparently my homeopath did. I find the whole constitutional profiles to be utterly fascinating. BTW… I saw a homeopath (actually… a few) for nearly 8-10 years and had bounced from one constitutional remedy to another over that time. (i.e.: Nux, Cali Carb, Sepia, then … Hydrogen, Helium, Iridium, Carcinocen, Thujlia, …, My last prescribed homeopathic remedy was “Falcon” which was roughly 8 years ago. I want to go back to homeopathy… find a good homeopath and continue my healing…. I recently lost my father… and am now on Ignacia (self prescribed).

  8. reception

    Hi! Thanks for commenting. Very sorry for the loss of your father.
    Our practitioners work by distance (phone, FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts), and then remedies are mailed to the patient. If this would be of interest to you, please email us at: reception@arcanum.ca and we’ll provide you with some additional information for prospective patients.
    All the best,
    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

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