Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Sepia

The general feeling of the phenotype Sepia is of being totally fed up. More specifically, it is a state of feeling drained by the endless obligations of daily life, whether from family, work, or a combination of the two. It is quintessentially portrayed as a “mother’s remedy”, however it may be applicable in any situation where someone feels they are being drained by constant demands. The core defense of Sepia is to push people away through various means, including irritability or sarcasm. They have lost the feeling of having a natural motivation, and may appear to be indifferent, or even depressed.

This phenotype is one of the most classic images of “stasis”, in the sense of the dynamic interplay of internal forces which animate us having been neutralized by countervailing forces of their daily situation or environment. The classic “mothering” situation, which I mentioned above, is one which typically creates a constant stream of demands, leaving zero time left for the mother to do anything for herself, or focus on her own needs. The structure of the modern family appears to have moved away from the old mode of “it takes a village to raise a child”, where there is usually one single primary care-taker for the child (typically the mother) while the father works throughout the day. Even the not so distant past had more of an extended family structure around the child, where 3 or even 4 generations would live together in a house or duplex, spreading out the child-rearing duties.

The remedy Sepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish, which is squirted out at its predators as its primary mode of defense. This is a vivid image of the cloud of irritability which the Sepia person exudes in an attempt to keep anyone from getting close enough to make a new demand on them.

Sepia feel their best just after vigorous exercise, with dancing being an activity they especially enjoy. This illustrates how Sepia is primarily a state of stasis, which does well from anything which energizes or invigorates them. They are even energized from witnessing a thunder storm, as they welcome this influx of energy to dispel their internal stasis.

Physically, there are a number of symptoms of laxity of the muscles or tissues, which may appear as sagging facial features, or other body parts which aren’t holding their tone. The sex drive is absent, and sex is seen as yet another demand – the expression “putting out” would be the literal feeling from this point of view. Their food cravings emphasize either sweets, or vinegary or sour foods. Many of the physical health complaints related to Sepia involve the hormonal system in general, including menstrual difficulties, PMS, menopause symptoms, infertility, and so on.

This is one of those remedies where the relief the patient often quickly experiences is a great blessing, and something which is celebrated by the patient and practitioner alike. Being able to witness such a dragged down state of mind lifted is truly a sight to behold. Such a heavy feeling of depression or hopelesness may seem like an impossible vortex to escape from, but the well chosen remedy can do wonders for the inner feeling, despite the outer circumstances not being any different than they were before the remedy. Our state of mind makes all the difference in how we experience and interpret our lives, and such turnarounds are great illustrations of how fundamental the state of mind is in creating either our state of health, or our state of disease.


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