An Introduction to the Cancer Miasm

I’ve been periodically writing about the seasonally-related chronic miasms, or inherited disease patterns from the family tree. Coming in to the month of May, we are just hitting the transitional point halfway  between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This is the time of the year where the Cancer miasm becomes most overt.

Like all of the transitional chronic miasms, cancer is a kind of hybrid between the two dominant miasms which are adjacent in the sequence. The bursting, explosive energy of Sycosis in the spring, and the decaying, destructive energy of Syphilis in the heart of the summer are the two parents which gave birth, so to speak, to the Cancer miasm.

Cancer, in terms of its allopathically-tracked statistics, is certainly a disease which can be considered on the same scale as an epidemic. And the “cancer” which Western medicine focuses on (ie the cancer tumour or cell) is just the tip of the iceberg of the deep, pervasive state of mind which cancer represents. Starting with this physical definition of cancer as the tumour, or the cell, we can see where this hybrid between sycosis and syphilis emerges as cancer — the rapid reproduction and metastatic spreading throughout multiple systems in the body is in line with the sycotic miasm, while the wasting away, dark destructive energy of the syphilis miasm makes up the other half of the equation.

In psychological and emotional terms, the cancer state of mind is one which is “resigned” — either from having given up from stress or disappointments in life, and just accepting that that is all one can expect from their life, or in terms of a weakness of will to counteract the stronger will power of their family or friends, and just accept what others have dictated for them. In anecdotal terms, nurses on cancer wards have often said that the cancer patients who actually express anger (at their condition, at their caretakers, etc.) are the ones most likely to survive. The typically sweet, polite personality of the cancer state of mind is usually tied to a prognosis of death. Similarly, others have referred to cancer as the only socially-acceptable form of suicide — the meaning of this sentiment gets to the heart of the idea of ‘resignation’, and the lack of ability to assert the unique needs of one’s core self, and may be the extreme negative polarity to the question of activating one’s true desire function. Another concept associated with this miasm is “the unlived life”, in this sense of a desire function left fallow and undeveloped.

Earlier stages of the cancer state of mind may include many anxieties, in the sense of a neurotic energy which can not find a natural avenue of discharge. One of the associated cravings in the cancer state of mind is for chocolate (sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news, my choc-aholic friends!), which is specific to this form of anxiety. It is often a very perfectionistic state of mind which drives one to engage in all manner of projects benefiting everyone else but I. The exhausted martyr is one picture you can think of in this context.


Other early stage signs of cancer can include certain types of headaches or migraines, as well as constipation. In fact, constipation is a great metaphor for understanding cancer at just about any level, in terms of a natural life process which is blocked, or even backed-up. People whose whole life is “constipated”, in terms of a lack of flow of development and forward movement, are just expressing cancer through a different avenue. Insomnia, particularly at around 4am, is another key early sign to the cancer miasm.

As with all diseases, of course, they can exist at a variety of depths, and some people are just wading in the shallow end of the early stages, while others are drowning in the deep end. This very brief overview should start to give you a taste of how to recognize cancer at a variety of stages, but there is much more detail that cannot all be fit into a single post.

I’ll leave you with the general point about cancer, as I mentioned above, being essentially at epidemic levels, and touching virtually everyone who is currently alive. It is a state of mind so deeply woven into the fabric of our modern consciousness, that it is extremely difficult to step back and see it objectively in oneself, or in close family and friends. For those of you in Heilkunst treatment, you may have already experienced your increased ability to clearly “see” the state of mind of cancer, to the degree that any layers of it within you have already been annihilated during the treatment of your miasms. I welcome your  experiences in the comments below, to help further illuminate what this disease state of mind is like.

8 thoughts on “An Introduction to the Cancer Miasm

  1. Sheena

    My goodness. This describes my predominant state of mind to a ‘tee’. I look forward to treating the miasm!

  2. June Griffith

    This interesting article has me thinking a lot. My health as a senior is in a mess. I don’t know how to fix it at this late stage. Maybe Ally can help somewhat. I read a lot but your newsletter is the best. Very informative.

  3. amcquinn

    Hi June, Ally here. Thanks for the positive comments regarding our newsletter. I so appreciate it. I’m here to help anytime that you feel you’d like to address your health. I’m a senior, too, and I’m here to testify that your health doesn’t need to be a mess if you’re really ready to take the reins in hand. Warm regards.

  4. amcquinn

    Thanks for commenting Sheena. I so hear ya, Sistah! It was a big juicy challenge for me also to come to terms with its deeper meaning in my life and how I was trying to compensate for not being truly acknowledged or affirmed as a kid. Love ya, Ally

  5. Loretta

    Reading this made me think of a homeopathic mistake I made on myself. My constitutional is Silicia and in the late 80’s I took a high potency dose. Shortly after I ended up with a streptococcal breast infection that tripled my left breast. The surgeons removed 1/4 of my breast. If I would have just let that giant pimple pop maybe in 2012 I would not have gotten 2 tumor breast cancer in the same breast. Now I am suffering with several nodules and a goiter that is also enlarged and do not know yet if all but 2 nodules are malignant. I took thyroidenum for that but no change.

  6. Nicole Lalonde

    It seems I learn a little more about Cancer each year from my healing reactions to this miasm.
    This year, difficulty falling asleep has occurred for both myself and my step son. I find myself lying in bed with socially anxious thoughts (especially hilarious since we are socially isolated currently due to COVID-19).
    Also, I find myself readily agreeing to doing things for others that I don’t actually want to do. One example is, I’ve been transitioning to becoming a full time seamstress/fabric artist and was taking on any job that came my way. As the cancer season approached I started receiving requests for things that didn’t bring me joy, in fact things that actually gave me more anxiety (fabric face masks for the pandemic). I found myself working and feeling angry and overwhelmed. Luckily this time around I recognized it sooner than I usually do and gave myself a week off of making these and also asking my sewing family members for help with these masks so that the load is shared.
    My point in this long analogy is that by tuning into my emotions and desires, I could root out where the cancer miasm is active in my life.

  7. amcquinn

    Thank you Nicole! We so appreciate you weighing in and offering a vignette on cancer in your own life. I love how you display how conscious you are of you’re experience with anxiety, feeling, “angry and overwhelmed.” You illustrate so well how key it is to be witness to your own process and step up on your own behalf as advocate when these states of mind threaten to engender in us. Love from here, Ally

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