Some Helpful iPhone Apps For Your Heilkunst Treatment (part one)

Smartphones have become a great tool for many people to stay in touch with, and on top of many aspects of their life on the go. “There’s an app for that” is a catchphrase which applies to just about anything you can imagine, and I’ve collected a few iPhone apps which are specifically useful to help someone follow Heilkunst principles in their own life and healing work.

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Much about health involves the active engagement of our will power, and specifically to make or break long-term habits. There are many ways to set and track goals, including any number of “don’t break the chain” (fashioned after Jerry Seinfeld) apps are helpful for achieving daily goals.

  • Don’t Break The Chain! – This is a very simple interface, where you simply mark a big “X” on the calendar every day that you fulfill your daily commitment to do, or not do a specific behaviour. Once you get a good “chain” going, it becomes that much harder to miss a day! I have such a chain running from July 1, 2011 for completing one writing session per day for my book The Vaccination Myth, for which I haven’t missed a day yet!

The two primary forms of exercise I recommend are Slow Burn and PACE. Here are some helpful apps to assist in your exercise:

  • Metronome – Normally, of course, this is used by musicians, but I use it to properly pace my Slow Burn weight exercises. Set the metronome to 60 beats per minute, which maps to 1 click per second. 10 ? 12 seconds on the way up for each exercise, and then 10 ? 12 seconds on the way down completes one of your 3 or 4 reps you’re aiming for with each muscle group, before reaching the point of total muscle fatigue.
  • Intervals App – For doing cardio in PACE style, or its variant Peak 8, an interval timer is most useful. I set mine for 30 seconds of peak activity, and then 90 seconds of resting activity which is all repeated 8 times in total. Any form of cardio can be done this way.
  • Run 5k – I used this “Couch to 5K” runners training program to get my cardio system in shape last Spring. It takes you on a progressive program where each week you are running for longer intervals of longer distances, until you reach the end goal of running 5K straight. You can use your own iTunes playlist to inspire yourself with your favourite music. I used this for a one-time goal, and now I focus more on PACE or Peak 8 style intervals when I do running.
  • Nike+ – This is another running app which I started to use after I completed the Run 5K program, as it designed to be flexible to whatever kind of run you want to do, whether based on time, or distance. Using the iPhone’s GPS, it also maps out exactly where you ran, and shows you with a heat map style where you ran the fastest and slowest.

Which apps help you to keep your health on track?

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  1. Allyson McQuinn

    I also use a great blood type app. so that I can search on what foods are resonant for my typology when I’m out and about at restaurants and the market.

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