Some Helpful iPhone Apps For Your Heilkunst Treatment (part two)

Expanding my look at some useful iPhone apps over your Heilkunst treatment and beyond, I’ve collected a few more specific iPhone apps today.

One of the areas of nutrition that I advise patients in is in the “Eat Right 4 Your Type” blood type diet. This app includes some general information about each blood type, as well as very detailed food lists of “Highly beneficial”, “Neutral”, and “Avoid” foods. It also integrates into a grocery list, which is very useful for quickly cross-referencing which foods are suitable for different family members, all together in one app. The only thing it doesn’t do is tell you what your blood type is.

For couples who use natural family planning methods, there are a number of apps to help track all of the important variables indicating high and low points of fertility. There are many apps that offer much of the same functionality, including this one. Knowledge of the method, of course, is a prerequisite to effectively using the app, which is simply offering a quicker way to track than pen and paper.

For many reasons, journalling can be a very useful adjunct to your Heilkunst treatment — from tracking the cycles of remedies and their healing reactions, to getting more in touch with your true desire function, to simply having an outlet to express emotions which don’t fit into the 9 ? 5 workday world. There are numerous journalling apps available for the iphone, but “Day One” is an app which is particularly pleasing aesthetically. It also syncs with a Mac desktop companion app, which makes it much easier to journal wherever you are, whether with your Mac, or just your iPhone. This is the electronic version of the leather-bound paper journal, with a fountain pen.

Sunrise Sunset! — The inclusion of this app has a bit of an unexpected reason to it — in working on restoring your vision with natural methods, one of the techniques involves “sun gazing”, which means to stare directly at the sun for a certain number of minutes each day. Before you panic, there are actually safe times to stare at the sun, namely the first hour after sunrise, and the last hour before sunset. Not only is staring at the sun for small intervals during these times safe, but very nourishing for your eyes, as well as your hormonal and immune systems.

A significant part of health is education, and for those of you who regularly follow health websites (such as Arcanum Wholistic Clinic’s), a good RSS reader is invaluable for organizing the incoming feeds of all new articles from your favourite sites. Reeder overlays on top of your Google Reader account, and has a pleasing and efficient interface to work through your feeds on your iPhone, or Mac Desktop.

Which other smartphone, tablet, or desktop apps do you use to keep your health on track?

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