In the Words of One of My Patients – Successful Asperger’s Treatment With Heilkunst

An Asperger’s patient of mine posted his personal review on Amazon (which I’ve copied below) of a book that introduced him to the possibilities that Homeopathic treatment might give him. The book is A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism: Homeopathic Care for Exceptional Kids by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, Robert Ullman, and Ian Luepker. I always enjoy hearing the different ways that people cross paths with Heilkunst.

Very interesting and eye-opening, November 29, 2007 By Jonathan Davies (Ottawa, ON, Canada) I read this book just after it came out, and it is one of the books I have read in recent years that have really encouraged me to “think outside the box”. I have Asperger’s myself, and by the time I read this book, I had started working with someone who has Asperger’s quite severely. After reading the case studies in this book of people with Asperger’s who were very difficult cases before receiving certain treatments, but changed dramatically after these treatments, I started to wonder if the difficult case whom I was working with would benefit from these treatments. It just so happened that when I was reading this book, I was already getting NAET treatments to eliminate some of my allergies (I found out about NAET treatments from other sources), so I asked the naturopath who was giving me my NAET treatments if he knew of anybody in Ottawa who gives homeopathic treatments. He then gave me the name and phone # of a homeopath whom he knew, and then, I contacted him, and asked him if he treated autism. He told me that he did, so I then told the mother of the Asperger client I work with about him, and then she proceeded to take her to him. After my client started getting treatments from this homeopath, I started getting treatments from him as well. Even before I started getting homeopathic treatments, my Asperger symptoms were not as severe as those of my client, but I still wanted them to be even less severe! Why have Asperger symptoms (even mild ones) if you don’t have to? Eh? I believe that I am further ahead now than I would be if I hadn’t “thought outside of the box”, and this is one of the books that has encouraged me to “think outside the box”!

Jonathan certainly has gotten “outside the box” of Asperger’s since undergoing Heilkunst treatment with me. The man I originally met, and the man he is today are almost not even the same person — while he is not completely free of some of the qualities of Asperger’s, there have been tremendous strides as we’ve worked through clearing his time line (including childhood vaccinations), and through the deeper genetic factors (the chronic miasms). One of the things which interests me the most about Jonathan is the way he thinks through things, and is always asking questions, and never settling for any pat answers.

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