The Benefits of Journalling During Your Heilkunst Treatment

I recently mentioned the concept of journalling, in my post on some of the Smartphone apps useful during Heilkunst treatment. I highlighted a particular favourite tool for journalling, both for the Mac desktop, and iPhone companion app, Day One. There are, of course, numerous apps available for keeping a journal, even including plain old pen and paper. It’s the idea and act of journalling which is important, while the software or tools are only supporting actors in a production which is ultimately all about you, and your relationship to yourself.



So, what are the benefits of journaling, if examined through a Heilkunst lens?

  • Growing and unfolding your inner world, in contrast to the highly outer-oriented consciousness we tend to have during this “cancer” stage of human consciousness.
  • It is a parallel activity to what happens inside the consult room, which provides the same degree of confidentiality, and space within which to discharge one’s emotions in a safe way.
  • As a tool in healing from specific shocks or traumas, in parallel with your current Heilkunst time line remedy. The inner content of such events often begs to be expressed before it is fully healed.
  • To sort out the deeper questions and mysteries about yourself, such as clarifying what your desire function is, and what might be the practical steps you can take to get to connect to more of it.
  • As a forum in which to play out some of your more significant life conflicts, where the other party is either not available to participate in the conflict (if they are deceased, for example), or it is not necessary or appropriate to play out the conflict “in the flesh” with them. The proverbial “letter” written, but not actually sent can be done in a journal.
  • To track daily and weekly ups and downs, in order to keep track of the cycles of healing reactions provoked by the remedies in Heilkunst treatment, in order to better assist in raising your self-knowledge, as well as to help the practitioner to understand what sort of changes may be applicable moving forward.
  • Noticing re-emergent themes over time, which may represent deeper issues that wouldn’t have been noticed in the normal day-to-day flow of life and experiences.
  • To clarify, and bring much more precision to how you understand yourself and your core issues, and your ability to express them.
  • As a means for turning the flow of life’s mundane events and experiences into an object of meditation. Likewise, this can help in the development of a greater objectivity, applied to increasingly heated degrees if inner content, which then may carry forward into real-time scenarios. Ultimately, this tool of self-reflection can increase the objectivity that you may have about your self.
  • As a place to develop your imagination, as you may wish to apply towards forming the qualities and parameters of your desired future, or to go back in time and “revise” previous events to turn out with better endings.
  • To help you disentangle your three distinct streams of thinking, feeling, and willing.

3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Journalling During Your Heilkunst Treatment

  1. Tess

    I have kept a daily journal throughout my heilkunst treatment. I find it so helpful in many of the ways you mentioned above, especially as a cathartic release for emotions and feelings and as a detailed record of symptoms and progress from the treatment (which is particularly helpful for my ’email updates’ prior to consults.) I also record dreams-which would otherwise be completely forgotten, as a lot of subconcious content seems to be processed in this way, and I find it helps me in conciously understanding and integrating these emotions and conflicts.

    When I started journalling I used to write maybe 1/4 page per day. Now often I fill the whole page, which I see as a sign of progress in itself, as my engagement with my inner thought and feeling processes and ability to express this has deepened.

  2. Charles Sabata

    I found it great keeping a journal through my heilkunst treatment as well and found the best app for me was one called the tasp business diary. What I liked about that journaling system was that it let me use handwriting to take notes rather than fumbling around with the key pad which I’ve never been good at with my fat fingers. 🙂

    Anyway, you might want to have a look at it here:

    I paid for mine but I think they have a free one as well.

    Good luck with your treatment everyone!

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