The Ideogenic Realm : Agaricus

You may recall the remedy Agaricus from my recent blog post about its use as a first aid remedy for frostbite or hypothermia. Like some other first aid remedies, it has uses which can cross over into different jurisdictions of Heilkunst treatment, such as from the first aid jurisdiction into the ideogenic realm. Arnica is another example of a first aid remedy which also crosses over into another jurisdiction of the Chthonic Realm, which we’ll see more of in an upcoming blog post.

Agaricus is best known in its common form as a recreational drug known as “magic mushrooms”. Its particular form of delusions and bodily effects outline the general ideogenic disease state for which it is curative.

When applied at this level, Agaricus will be selected for patients who have the theme of a very weak will combined with dependence. They will tend to be in a situation of being dominated by a strong personality, which they unconsciously desire in order to be able to avoid taking responsibility for their own decisions. Often, one of the healative experiences of this remedy involves a discharge of more aggressive thoughts and behaviour, which was buried by years of dependence and weak will.

Agaricus has very strong ties with the cancer miasm, which you may recall has a theme of a very weakened sense of self. It is no accident that the Agaricus state of mind is one with a very high degree of anxiety, particularly for dying from cancer. They have a very poor sense of perspective, which you can imagine that Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) suffered when her body size kept changing from giant to tiny, after she ingested a mushroom. They “turn molehills into mountains”, and freak out that every tiny symptom may be a sign of cancer.

Their anxiety is matched only by their excitability, and they can initiate streams of monologue which shift aimlessly from one topic to the next, while not actually participating in a 2-way conversation, or even being responsive to questions. They may have a tendency to be drawn to very obscure or strange topics which they may have a deep fascination for.

Physically, they may be quite awkward or clumsy, as they can have a poor sense of perspective and distance, as well as a poorly formed connection between the inner will power with their physical body. At the more extreme end of this disease, their can be twitches, or even convulsions, and sometimes will prove to be a helpful remedy for conditions such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.

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