The Ideogenic Realm : Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the next remedy from the ideogenic realm to be presented. It is the first element on the periodic table, which appears as the perfect model atom — 1 proton and 1 electron. It is considered to be the very first character to walk onto the stage of the story of the universe following the Big Bang. Why does this sound like a grade 10 science classroom, so far? Understanding the nature of the source of a medicine is very helpful for understanding its essence, and ultimately its state of mind.

Hydrogen has a state of mind which is extremely expansive, or put another way, spacey. Enormously spacey — as big as the entire universe, in fact. Thinking of how the universe began, grand scientific and philosophical questions arise about space and time itself. This is the feeling of the patient in a Hydrogen state of mind — connected to much larger entities than their self. Their self, in fact, is completely obscured, and not featured within their state of mind.

While the patient needing Hydrogen may not manifest such grand thoughts or feelings about their connection to the beginning of space and time, and all of creation, they may display more mundane symptoms, such as forgetfulness, and an inability to focus or concentrate. Clues about a patient being in a Hydrogen state can include the feeling that “the lights are on, but no one’s home” — you attempt to make contact, but it is as if there is no personality or ego to connect with.

This state may emerge as part of the patient’s involvement in spiritual or mystical groups which preach such grand concepts of fostering a connection to everything, that “all is one”, and that all worldly feelings and desires are to be renounced. Mind you, the person who gravitates to such a group will already be resonating with this state of mind, which simply provides a vehicle through which it can be expressed more fully.

This is an even greater obscuring of the self than we see in a Cannabis state of mind, which is more focussed on discharging the source of power of the individual. In Hydrogen, the Self is the object to be completely eliminated from the equation. The Self is regarded as a tiny insignificant speck compared to the vastness of the whole of creation.

The incredibly expansive and connected feeling within Hydrogen is also matched by its polar opposite, which is the deepest, darkest depression – the feeling of being nothing, or even of being tortured by their constraint within their small Self, as the most tortuous form of trap imaginable.

This is a phase that many patients may eventually pass through if they go deep enough into their treatment, where the very nature of the Self and its purpose begins to come up as a more significant element of the mind. You may see how this can also be an important root belief to address which will cause a blockage to the discovery and unfolding of the individual desire function of the person, and to properly activate their resonance organ to more fully connect with it.

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