The Ideogenic Realm : Hura

Hura Brasiliensis is a remedy which is made from the milky-white sap extracted from this South American tree. It is the type of sap which can be used to make rubber or latex products, and you could think of the way a latex condom functions to create a separation or lack of true contact in a sexual embrace as an analogy for the state of mind of this ideogenic remedy.  Homoeopathically, this is also a remedy which has been used quite successfully in the treatment of leprosy, which I’ll use to further illustrate the theme of this belief state.

We’ve seen in some of the ideogenic remedies various forms of how our fundamental split manifests in different states of mind, such as the split between mind and body in Cannabis, or between the ‘I’ and everything else in Anhalonium. In Hura, the split is perceived at the social level, especially in the sense of the feeling of being despised or an outcast, as in the case of a leper. There are, of course, some very real situations in which someone may be outcast from a group, and may suffer this feeling, but understanding the state of mind of an ideogenic remedy means to be able to see its state of mind even without an obvious situational causation.

At a deeper level, our split, or separation from the world creates a gap, or longing within our mind to reconnect or to “know” the world. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and so is born our desire to “know” the world we are increasingly separate from. The condom analogy I mentioned above represents this feeling that we increasingly have, in terms of our inability to truly connect with, and to know the living content of the world. Our culture which is based on the mindset of materialism (ie that everything in the world is made up of bits of physical ‘stuff’), is one in which we inevitably feel more and more cut off, or alienated.

At the emotional level, there are a whole range of feelings in Hura which relate back to the feeling of being a leper, or an outcast. An increasing desperation, and hectic activity to try to return to normal are inevitably followed by hopelessness. The position is felt to be that of a victim of bad luck or misfortune.

The truth, coming out the other side of the healing process of this remedy, is that while we are separate as individuals, we do have the capacity to reconnect, and interpenetrate with other people, and other living processes, in a way which adds to our knowledge, rather than increasing our feeling of isolation. As in a true healthy marriage, the two separate individuals create more by being together, yet do so through a strengthened individuality of each party.

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