Like A Page Straight Out Of The Textbook

I had a patient last week who illustrated in very precise terms that he was exactly where we expected on the therapeutic map of Heilkunst. I’ve periodically written about the chronic miasms, as they appear seasonally, and their cycle is always displayed by patients once they complete treatment of their shocks and traumas. What often happens, is that when a patient has finished processing a given miasmatic remedy, their life force will start to try to tackle the following miasm in the sequence. It does this, unfortunately, without the benefit of the remedy, and so instead of producing a curative effect, it creates a flare-up of symptoms related to that miasm.

My patient last week went precisely into such a cycle, and was complaining about some unusual symptoms he had been having in his left leg. When he was done recounting his symptoms, I read to him from the materia medica all of the leg symptoms which appear in the next miasmatic remedy he was due for, and it was almost as if I was reading what he had described to me back to him verbatim.

No one enjoys suffering symptoms, but what a relief it is to verify that the patient is precisely where they are supposed to be on the therapeutic map! He was also relieved, and reassured that he was actually responding to the remedies, and moving from one layer to the next in sequence.

This is not at all an unusual experience inside the consult room, but this one particularly struck me in terms of how close in wording the patient’s language was to the materia medica. Talk about having the disease image handed over to me on a silver platter!

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