Heilkunst as The Grand Unified Theory of Medicine

Einstein began the quest for a “unified field theory”, which seeks to find the single common underlying set of principles for all the different discoveries of physics — from gravity, to electromagnetism, to the composition and laws of sub-atomic particles. It is the ultimate desire in science to expand our knowledge out to the absolute fullest understanding and expression of the universe, where we are illuminating the fundamental architecture or blueprint of the whole house, rather than turning the lights on in a few of its rooms.

Where conventional physics has so far failed to discover its grand unified theory, a similar goal has been reached in the field of medicine, in terms of the underlying principles and framework of Heilkunst. The difficulty people have in understanding it at first is that they try to compare it with other healthcare modalities, as if they are of one and the same category. While Heilkunst has and uses specific modalities (such as sequential homeopathic time line therapy, or dynamic nutrition), they do not in themselves define its essence, which is more fundamentally about a scientific framework and mode of consciousness.

Another way of saying this is that the Heilkunst medical framework is the most inclusive form of healthcare, meaning that it seeks to understand and explain any modality in terms of its fundamental principles, and then determining where it fits in relationship to other modalities, and how it is to be properly sequenced and best utilized for each individual patient. The limited old thought forms of allopathy, including empiricism, are usually imported as defaults by alternative modality practitioners, who fall into the trap of defining health and treatment success in terms whether a symptom was removed, or not. Without understanding the broader framework of health in all its dimensions, and in objective (Dynamic) scientific terms, it too easily becomes the old problem of “new wine into old skins”.

These old thought forms are very difficult to shed, and it takes a lot of work to process and install the new Dynamic framework into our consciousness. In fact, the process of Heilkunst education is itself a type of healthcare modality, which brings about transformations in the student no differently than any powerful and effective modality. It is how we can understand that Dr. Hahnemann would even “prescribe” to some of his patients that they read his Organon as part of their treatment. The restructuring of the mind itself is a foundation to other transformations of our health. It is the reason that to complete the DHHP program and become a graduate, the student must successfully complete their academic work, as well as to undergo their own Heilkunst treatment at the same time as their four years of study. They are two sides of the same function of transformation.

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