What Is In Our Exhaustion Formula?

For any number of reasons, our exhaustion formula is used by many patients at some point during their treatment. Whether the patient has begun with issues of insomnia or fatigue, due to shift work or having babies awake during the night, or for some other reason they just simply don’t wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, this formula at least will help them get through their day while working on eliminating the root cause of this condition.





The exact components used in the exhaustion formula will be selected and adjusted on a case-by-case basis, most likely including some of these remedies:

  • Arnica – You probably know this remedy for bruises and sore muscles, but it is also useful with fatigue, especially when you feel as if you’ve been hit over the head with it. Someone in a chronic unresolved arnica state can have a particular form of insomnia, where they toss and turn, and can never feel like they can get into a comfortable position in the bed.
  • Cocculus – This helps with the “zoned out” feeling from sleep deprivation, when it feels like you’re passing through a very different dimension of time  and your mind is processing things extremely slowly. It has been one of the traditional homeopathic remedies used for overnight care-taking, typically seen in a parent taking care of a sick child. It is particularly helpful for resetting the inner clock for someone who does shift work, or travels through multiple time zones and suffers much jet lag.
  • Phosphoricum Acidum – This is for a form of exhaustion which comes primarily from emotional causations. Extended periods of stress, grief, or other emotionally draining situations will create this form of phos-ac state. You’ll see someone in this state in a “flat lined” or indifferent emotional state.
  • Picricum Acidum – This type of exhaustion comes from mental fatigue. Students cramming for exams or trying to meet deadlines to complete their term papers would be the quintessential Pic-ac picture.
  • Muriaticum Acidum – Along with Arnica, this remedy relates primarily to a physical form of exhaustion.
  • Olive – This isn’t a homeopathic, but a Bach Flower Remedy, which is very supportive and restorative in a case of exhaustion. It works well in combination with whichever homeopathics are appropriate for the given case of exhaustion.
  • Hornbeam – This is also a Bach Flower Remedy, and for that “Monday morning feeling” of not wanting to get out of bed and start a new week. Larger questions need to be addressed behind this mental state, such as the degree of resonance which the patient has with their work, but are usually not being asked in the short term focus of making an exhaustion formula.

Also, at the regimenal level, it is quite helpful to stay focussed on proper hydration, which can help the energy flow as optimally as it can within the state of fatigue. A good vitamin B complex is useful to nourish the nervous system which is bearing a high stress load. Depending on the cause of the fatigue or exhaustion, the course of deeper Heilkunst treatment will work to uproot it, whether it is coming from genetic influences, emotional factors, or nutritional imbalances (or all of the above).

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