Another Diagnostic Tool : The Homotoxicological Chart

Health is not unidimensional, and expresses itself in a number of different ways. Assessing a patient’s current state of health and how it compares to a previous state is much more complex than simply noting whether a given symptom disappeared, or not.

Dr. Reckeweg’s chart of homotoxicology maps out a very clear progression of cellular health, either in the direction of improvement, or in worsening. If you follow any row on the chart from the left to the right, it will illustrate a worsening of health, and from right to left indicates an improvement.

Running up and down the centre of the chart is what is called “the biological divide”. It takes an incredible amount of disease or toxic build up in order to cross over this divide from the relatively healthier half to the more diseased half of this chart. This point is called the “impregnation phase”, which meshes very much with Heilkunst’s language of disease and “the generative power”. This is the point at which regimen alone can no longer solve the problem, and correct prescribing of medicine (ie homeopathic remedies) is required to shift back to the left side of the chart. Up until then, many incredible healing testimonials will come from the fact that diet, or other sustentive measures

After each Heilkunst treatment session, this chart is one of the tools which I use in order to assess which direction the patient is heading, as well as how fast. Various issues, such as correctly adjusting their remedy’s dose and potency, can be more accurately assessed using this chart.

Dr. Reckeweg also introduced the concepts of progressive and regressive vicariation. This means, for example, than when an imbalance or disease is suppressed with pharmaceutical drugs, not only do the symptoms appear further to the right on the chart, but also further down the rows. This diagonal movement down and to the right represents a serious worsening of health. Likewise, if a symptom shifts towards the left at the same time as moving up the rows, this represents a much stronger and quicker healing process.

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