What If You’re Still Dehydrated After Drinking More Water?

Today’s blog post is a response to a comment on a previous post about hydration — the level of detail and scope of this article is general, so I’m publishing it for the benefit of all readers.

I finally realized I am very dyhrated so started drinking a great deal of water. I am finally thirsty but the cells are not taking up the water for I have increaced edema, esp. at night. For years I have tried to avoid salt and would drink hebal teas to try and reduce the edema. How can I get the cells to take up the water they crave?


This is actually a common issue, Pamla, and while I’m not familiar with the dynamics of your health, or your particular history, I’d like to offer up a range of general points which could have a bearing, some more so than others in different cases.

  • Water AND Salt — While it is true that commercial, iodized salt is not healthy, and should be removed from everyone’s diet, a source of healthy salt is necessary to maintain optimal health. There’s a special relationship between salt and water, which is evident at the cellular level, and as we see in particular in cancer cells, where the relationship has been turned completely on its head, with the sodium content dominating inside the cell, and the potassium having been displaced outside. A Solé solution (a saturated solution of pure water and Himalayan salts) is a brilliant tonic first thing every morning, and will do wonders for properly balancing the mineralization and pH-balance of your cells, as well as encourage a more healthy form of hydration as the cells will better accept the water.






  • “Letting Go” — The state of mind of unresolved grief is actually one of the primary causes of swelling or oedema. This is a point where we leave the realm of regimen behind, in order to address this at the medical level.  Natrum Muriaticum, which is the homeopathic remedy made from sodium chloride (ie salt), is the primary remedy to allow the body and the cellular memory to “let go” of all that it is holding onto, and reach a much more balanced state. Physical symptoms, including oedema and headaches, will also dissolve along with the emotions of old grief.
  • Unresolved Shocks or Traumas — In addition to unresolved grief, there may be any number of unresolved shocks and traumas still held in the cellular memory, including car accidents, pharmaceuticals, or other major emotional life events. While your body may have all the water it should need to be healthy, the absorption function of your cells may be blocked by such a residual event.
  • Chronic Miasms (genetic patterns of disease) — This one is the most invisible, but can have the most powerful effect on our health. Disease patterns of previous generations will carry forward into our own bioenergetic structure, and have a direct influence on the behaviour of our cells. Again, a body which gets enough water, yet suffers from a genetic Psora miasm will create cells which believe that they are in a desert, even if that is not true.

Of course, in an individual case, a mix of any of these factors, along with others, need to be thoroughly addressed in order to come to resolution about being able to fully absorb the water. I’ve outlined some of the most common issues behind lack of absorption, but they’re not the only ones, and need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

3 thoughts on “What If You’re Still Dehydrated After Drinking More Water?

  1. Lee

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m so glad you wrote about this … it’s important part of what I’m working through right now.

    On July 1, I started a very mild GI detox, one that I can I can continue as a maintenance plan. It’s long overdue. In the last few days, I realize I am dehydrated, in part because I am not eating enough healthy salt … for years … and that could be one potential cause of my high blood pressure. Is that possible?

    Very dehydrated, my electrolytes need balancing. So now with 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Honey, Psyllium, and as of yesterday I include 1/4 tsp Sole Brine before breakfast, followed by drinking 8-12 8oz glasses of water a day and 1/4 tsp of salt through out the day.

    Finally, I am listening to what my body’s feedback is telling me it needs that include at a Physical/Etheric level and finding ways to meet those needs.


  2. reception

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks so much for the comment and great observations.

    – Diane, Office Manager, Arcanum Wholitic Clinic

  3. Lee

    Thanks, Diane!
    I also now wonder what part if any the lack of cellular absorption can be seen as an Astral issue, especially considering that Nat Mur/parent/child relationship injury is a core homeopathic remedy? This definitely feels like one layer of deep healing personal identity & boundaries for me: the ground on which one can stand “knowing what to accept and reject” (in transference and relationship) as they say in Shambhala meditation training. Cheers,

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