Finding Your Love Function Within Exercise

Regimen, as you’ll know from my previous writings, is the foundation for all medicine and higher Heilkunst therapeutics. Everyone knows, at least to some degree, the importance that nutrition and exercise plays; however, many struggle with mustering up enough will power to implement some or all of what they know they need to do.
I often advise patients, when it comes to exercise, to find something that they enjoy doing — whether a team or solo sport, or a more informal activity such as walking their dog every day. People all too often get caught up in what they think they are ‘supposed’ to do for exercise, and completely lose touch with what actually gives them pleasure in the process.
This summer, my Allyson has put this principle into practice — she had been desiring to start biking again, and you should have seen how charged with excitement she became when she discovered a bike that she loved was for sale:

She’s been out on her bike every day since, and illustrating in true living colour the importance of connecting to what gives you enjoyment. The ‘rules’ and quantities of exercise place a distant second place after this all-important principle of enjoyment. Not to mention all the sports and athletic injuries which are the by-product of someone having pushed themselves way too hard towards an abstract goal, and being disconnected from their own inner experience of what it feels like to engage in the activity.
If you see Ally booting around town on her pink Schwinn, be sure to give her a wave and a smile, which many strangers are doing when they see her coming on her beautiful bike!

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