The Chthonic Realm : Veratrum Album

The final remedy of the “hot stream” branch of the chthonic realm is Veratrum Album. This remedy is coolest, or least hot end of the spectrum of “hot stream” remedies. In terms of our dynamic physiology, the disturbance is at the level of our Ontic Organization, or more specifically, our false ego. This state is typically caused by some form of “losing face”, or (perceived) loss of status to the false ego. The tone and emotional quality can be extremely self-righteous, or haughty. If it appears within a religious context, it may come out as a “holier than thou” feeling. Within the natural health or new age movement, a similar self-righteous quality can often be perceived.

The intensity of the feeling of loss of status (to the false ego) can become so great, that the person is willing to cheat, lie, or steal – anything to try to regain their lost status. In more extreme states, there can be delusions of grandeur, with a belief that they are Jesus Christ, or some other great figure from history. It reminds me of the joke : “What’s the difference between God and an Allopathic Doctor?” “God doesn’t believe he’s an Allopath”.

When I was a student, I received a call from one of my friends who was suffering from a stomach flu, and was in a highly weakened state. Upon questioning her, I discovered that there had been a recent incident in which she had “lost face”, but hadn’t been able to express her anger or disappointment. Instead of the natural and desirable expression at the emotional level, it instead transferred to the physical level in terms of the stomach flu symptoms (which, by the way, are one of the classic symptoms of this remedy).

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