The Chthonic Realm : Bufo

The second last chthonic remedy is Bufo Rana, which is made from a certain species of poisonous toad. Like Hyoscyamus in the hot stream, this is the cold stream remedy which represents functional blockages in the astral body, and therefore may include subtle or overt perversions of the sexual function. Unlike Hyos which is extremely extroverted and attention-getting in its inappropriate behaviours (remember the example of streaking?), Bufo would have more of a ‘creepy’ feeling to its manifestation, and is largely hidden from public view (although the energy cannot ultimately be hidden).

Many of the hidden perversions in thought or feeling will often come out in altered forms, such as childish behaviours, or even an autistic-like need to avoid social encounters. They may be prone to outbursts of anger, due to the all of this energy which tends to be suppressed. Another presentation of this remedy picture, which is also autistic-like, is a hyper-focus on one very specialized interest — the resulting “mental masturbation” is another form of this underlying sexual energy converted to an altered form.

The Bufo toad, being an amphibian, lends towards the characteristics of this remedy containing many contradictory opposites, such as an alternating desire for solitude or for company. They can suffer from very poor impulse control, such as in binge eating patterns, or other addictive patterns. There can often be an intensely high sex drive, but with a equally intense inability to form a relationship. Bufo is one of the classic remedies used to treat certain forms of epileptic seizures, which is another transformation of sexual energy not properly channeled.

Along with their difficulties with impulse control, they can tend to be overweight. The impression that you might feel from a Bufo individual is of being ‘creepy’ or ‘slimy’. You could say that the entire porn industry is driven by the underlying energy of this remedy state.

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