A Heilkunst Lesson From San Diego

There was an unexpected turn of events last evening in San Diego, when a planned 18 minute firework show was accidentally all set off together, creating a massive ball of fire in the sky, lasting only about 15 seconds.

This is an excellent illustration of the reason in medical Heilkunst for such a deliberate and methodical sequencing of therapeutic interventions. I’ve written previously about the conceptual hierarchy of the three jurisdictions within Medical Heilkunst, and the events in San Diego give us a very vivid image of what would happen if all of the patient’s imbalances, diseases, and ignorance were eliminated all at once – the patient would literally go up in a big puff of smoke! The more that a patient achieves in terms of the regimenal jurisdiction, the more efficiently the medicines (homeopathic remedies) work within their jurisdiction. And then likewise for the highest jurisdiction (Therapeutic Education), a well-executed engagement with the lower two jurisdictions clears the path for its fullest expression.

I often remind patients that Heilkunst is both the fastest, and safest process for dismantling the most complex of diseases, and to keep their patience especially where they have a long-standing disease, and that it is unrealistic to expect an overnight cure.

The well-coordinated sequence of a successful Heilkunst treatment looks a lot more like a perfectly executed fireworks display, where a masterful level of coordinated effort leads to much more satisfying results.

“Independence Day” can then be celebrated within the patient who becomes free of their diseases, and fully expressive of their optimal and sovereign state of health.

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