Doing Preventative Medicine Right

In any system of medicine, being able to prevent disease is the highest ideal — it is a road paved in gold. This Ted Talk illustrates some of the issues where conventional medicine has failed to hit the mark of this ideal, and in fact created a reality where more and more iatrogenic (ie “doctor-caused”) diseases are becoming the primary source of people’s suffering, and has even become the number one cause of death.

In theory, it would be great if all of the “Pre” diagnoses illustrated in this video could be accurate much of the time, but unfortunately their existence is a lot more a function of the pharmaceutical companies attempting to expand their profit margins rather than a true system of healthcare.

In Heilkunst medicine, there is very much focus on true prevention of disease, and just as in our system of disease diagnosis and treatment, the same accuracy both in concept and in practice holds true with our preventive approaches. One of the key issues which we can highlight in the wake of this video, is the critical difference between diagnosing based on a “false condition” label, versus being able to identify an actual disease state, which is concrete, and directly treatable.

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