The Ideogenic Realm : Germanium

Germanium is an element which appears in the fourth row of the periodic table, and the fourteenth column. When studying the medicinal (homeopathic) use of substances from the periodic table, each row has a particular meaning related to a certain stage of human development. The substances from the fourth row of the periodic table relate to basic security issues.

The Germanium response to security issues is a certain type of perfectionism. It’s a type of perfectionism which drives the germanium state of mind to attempt to overcome a deep inner sense of failure, and for which all of their thought, feelings, and actions are poised to compensate for. It can become an all-consuming feeling, which gives an impression of great heaviness to the observer.

There is a tremendous tendency towards being made anxious by any possible trigger, as well as outbursts of anger which quickly pass. There are many symptoms at the mental and emotional levels, including a difficulty in comprehending things, or in concentrating on anything. There is a feeling of embarrassment in this remedy, as well as a condition of being spacey. There is a very high degree of self-control applied, as a result for the perfectionistic drive, and the desire to compensate for themselves. There may also be much fatigue at the physical or mental levels.

This state may originate in a combination of factors which have contributed to a patients total pattern of armoring (biological and pscyhological), along with a pre-existing tendency for a belief state of failure or inadequacy. It will be a state which may emerge during the treatment of the cancer miasm, as well.

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