Detox Specific To Your Work Environment

Both prevention, and maintenance are two critical ongoing aspects of healthcare. The dramatic events of the cure or reversal of a disease certainly fill up buckets of emotions within my office space every day. In between these momentous events  lay the endless need for day-to-day maintenance and prevention. One aspect of this relates to the topics of detoxification and drainage. The former relating to the removal of specific environmental toxins from your system, and the latter relating to promoting optimal function of your detox organs themselves — so that the skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc., are able to do their job of expelling the toxins out to the surface.

Given each patient’s specific work or home environments, I’ll formulate a specific drainage/detox combo remedy bottle which targets the toxins which they are regularly exposed to.

Some examples include:

  • Hair salon chemicals – for the hairdresser who is exposed to many chemically-laden hair products every day, this dropper bottle is formulated specifically to keep these toxins purged from their system.
  • Quitting an addiction – someone who is in the process of reducing and then eliminating a given addiction, such as coffee or cigarettes, can be given a drainage/detox formula which has all of the specific chemical elements while this process is underway.
  • Dentist or assistant – particularly in a dental office which is not focussed on holistic health, there is very regular exposure to highly toxic substances, including mercury in amalgams, as well as fluoride. Some dentists, in fact, convert their whole office over to being both mercury-free and fluoride-free when they start to learn of the incredible toxicity to themselves and their patients.

There a numerous work-specific examples of toxic exposures, which I address on a case-by-case basis with each patient. The more that you can specifically name the chemicals involved in your work, the more specific I can get in formulating a drainage/detox dropper for your needs.

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