The Myth of No Mint Or Coffee With Homeopathics

There are many unfortunate myths which have been perpetrated by ‘Classical’ homeopathy, which are often carried over by new patients. One of the big ones is the supposed “no mint” and “no coffee” rule while taking homeopathic remedies. When I was first a patient, I took these “rules” seriously, and systematically eliminated every possible exposure to mint from my life. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, so that was a non-issue for me.

The issue with mint and coffee, is that they supposedly antidote any homeopathic remedy, and therefore undo any of the positive effects of taking them. This is not at all true when remedies are prescribed according to the Heilkunst framework, as the action of the remedy is aimed at a much deeper level, and cannot easily be knocked off course.

What all the fuss and bother about mint and coffee indicates to me is that the method of “symptom picture” prescribing in classical homeopathy is only taking aim at a very superficial level of the problem, and therefore the remedy can easily be knocked off course by a “strong” substance such as mint or coffee.

If you’ve put off homeopathic treatment because you’re afraid that you can’t give up coffee — don’t worry, the remedies still work exactly as they’re supposed to.

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