“The Cure” by the Keith Jarrett Trio – A Remedy For Your Ears

In Heilkunst medicine, there is a precision in selecting and prescribing the correct remedy or applicable formula for a patient in a given disease state or complex. A well-chosen formula will have a synergistic effect, where the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts. By contrast, a poorly assembled combination of remedies may have a partially beneficial effect mixed with other unwanted or unknown consequences.

I was thinking today that a good living illustration of this concept is in this video recording of the Keith Jarrett Trio playing a piece entitled “The Cure”. Like a well-selected remedy formula, this musical ensemble comes together with the same creative (generative) synergy and potential to positively alter a state of mind.


Each one of these three musicians (Keith Jarrett – piano; Gary Peacock – bass; Jack DeJohnette – drums) is a highly talented musician in their own right, but the creative synergy that comes from their ensemble playing is quite a phenomenon to behold.

Their approach to group improvisation is incredible in its subtlety and interplay, and is an example of a creative energy which transcends the limits of the black and white, or linear mind of ordinary cognition. The effect on the receptive listener can be one of ecstacy – literally, a change in state of mind out of the ordinary one.

The lessons for healthcare include the idea of always striving for  a method and an effect which transcends the mere addition of several components or parts together, to one which is truly transformational.

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