The Graduated Education System As An Analogy For Heilkunst Treatment

Taking a further look into how the three jurisdictions of Heilkunst are applied at a practical level, I use a particular analogy to make it easier to relate to the general concepts. If you think of the necessary sequence which a student follows in terms of completing elementary school before high school, and then finally university or college, you’ll understand the same necessity in sequencing the three jurisdictions of Heilkunst therapeutics (regimen, medicine, education).

It is certainly easy for people to relate to the idea that someone who dropped out of grade two will rarely be qualified to enter a university program, to express this concept in an extreme way. Likewise, to translate this thought form into a health care context, it is virtually impossible to resolve a chronic health issue in someone who is not even willing to address the kindergarten level of their health, namely, the basic principles of lifestyle and diet.

Many patients seek my help with homeopathic remedies, and such, for their health issues, yet few are willing to even consider taking a look at some elementary aspects of their diet. The homeopathic remedies will have an effectiveness to a certain degree, but the more deep and extended the nature of their health issues are, the more limited the results will be if the patient isn’t striving to do everything within their own power to line up various aspects of their health in terms of their basic regimen.

I am very careful to educate these patients about the exact reasoning behind what I am asking them to do, so that they understand that what may seem like a ‘failure’ of their treatment is due to their non-participation in their role in the process (regimen), and not due to any failure in the medical aspect (homeopathic remedies).

To round out the school system analogy, if someone wishes to become employed in a certain field, it will generally require a minimum level of education completed. Some jobs need a high school education, where others are open to university grads. Likewise, in terms of our health, it is equally important to match one’s current state of health and one’s goal with the appropriate level of treatment through one, two, or all three of the therapeutic jurisdictions.

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