Laying the Groundwork for Nutrition

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : Graduating From Elementary School Level

Congratulations! If you’ve incorporated all of the basic suggestions from grade one to six in this series, then you have completed the Heilkunst elementary school curriculum, and are ready to graduate on to Heilkunst high school. You may recall that there are three fundamental jurisdictions (Regimen, Medicine, and Education), and the elementary level of our analogy relates primarily to the area of regimen.

While it is conceptually true that you must get your regimen in order before tackling the medicine realm, at a practical level, most of my patient’s health issues have enough complexity to warrant the judicious mixture of two or more jurisdictions at the same time. It remains true, however, that the more of regimen which a patient is ignoring, the less effective will be the application of anything from the higher jurisdictions of medicine and education.

To summarize what we’ve covered so far:

  1. Grade One – Understanding the quantitative and qualitative aspects of nutrition — The difference between feeling full and feeling satisfied. Also, the use of sequential eating to optimize digestion and assimilation.
  2. Grade Two – Focussing on your unique nutritional typologies — Blood type diet; Glandular type diet; and Metabolic type diet.
  3. Grade Three – Some “health” foods aren’t very healthy after all : Soy, grains, and dairy.
  4. Grade Four – Unhooking from one of the biggest addictions – sugar!
  5. Grade Five – The basic protocols for detoxification – how to keep your system functioning optimally despite the toxins in your particular environment.
  6. Grade Six – Exploring even more individualized aspects of nutrition – we examined the concepts of nutrigenomic science of diet, as well as the purpose of challenging your system with tonic regimen.

There are more topics in between and around the basic curriculum that we explored above, but this is more than enough to establish a well-grounded regimen for you, and to prepare your system to fully benefit from the next level, which is therapeutic medicine.

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