Therapeutic Education : Fluoride, Cholesterol, and Microwave Myths

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : Grade Eight

Grade eight represents a final consolidation of everything that’s come before, along with a preparation of what’s to come in future grades. It’s where the foundation of regimen (first jurisdiction) starts to lead through medicine into hints of therapeutic education (third jurisdiction). In terms of our Heilkunst curriculum, it means that the onus more and more falls on the patient to learn to separate truth from myth, and in terms of health, this means to start to see how much of our “common sense” has actually been corrupted by so many myths spun by the interests of the industrial-corporate matrix.



This is definitely not exhaustive, but to begin with a few of the myths:

  • The Cholesterol mythHere’s a great example of how truth and reality have been so completely turned upside down, and when we first learn the correct version, it seems so wrong and hard to believe. The idea that cholesterol is “bad” for us, and should therefore be as much eliminated as possible from our diet is a very damaging belief which runs through much of the food and medical industries. Cholesterol, in fact, is one of the most essential components we need for good health, and our obsession with limiting our dietary exposure to it is the root of many modern illnesses. The resultant low-fat, high carb diet is the true cause of heart disease, cancer, and obesity, amongst many other fatal conditions.
  • Fluoridated waterFluoride is one of the deadliest toxins on the planet, yet it has been made a cornerstone of modern dental practices, as well as a standard additive to many municipal water supplies. This is something which you want to make sure you keep as much distance from as possible, including finding a toothpaste which is fluoride-free, as well as the source of your drinking water. Unexpected sources, such as the surface of Teflon® pans, also need to be considered in this effort.
  • Microwaved foods – Our need for good food and nutrition is not simply about the amount of substance X and substance Y which we take in from what we eat, but more fundamentally about the quality and integrity of the life energy which is delivered to us from food. As convenient as they are, microwave ovens essentially destroy this fundamental value of food as a conveyor of living energy, and turn our food into anti-nutrition, at the touch of a few buttons.

This is only the beginning of a very long list of similar myths which we’ve been sold in the name of convenience, but once you start to reverse a few for yourself, it becomes easier to see how many more have filled up your thought process and habits about your health and nutrition.

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