Three Primary Categories of Time Line Events We Address Are …

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : Grade Nine (High School)

No more kids stuff – this is high school now! While the Junior High level of Heilkunst introduced some basic application of medicine through pathic and first aid prescribing, now we get into the heart of the jurisdiction of medicine, addressing the deeper ‘tonic’ diseases, which are at the root of all present and potential future symptoms. When I’m treating patients with any form of complex chronic illness, the modality of the “sequential time line” is applied. Patients will construct a chronological account of all of the major shocks and traumas they’ve experienced, both at the physical, as well as the mental and emotional levels.

The sequence of treatment flows from the most recent shock and goes back in time all the way to the patient’s birth event. The three primary categories of time line events addressed are:

  1. Pathogenic — Diseases of infectious origin, and generally more of a primary nature, such as chicken pox, or measles. While most infections are relatively short-lived experiences, their bio-energetic impact can remain indefinitely, which is why we include these in the treatment of the sequential time line. In addition to the typical childhood infections, other key pathogens to consider are : Mononucleosis, STDs, and any travel infections such as malaria or cholera.
  2. Homogenic — we’ve already encountered this category of tonic disease when we looked at first aid prescribing. The basic principle of the homogenic dimension of disease involves correlating a specific remedy with a specific “disease irritant”, of the nature of a physical or emotional shock, such as a head trauma, or an emotional shock involving grief, for example. While the range of first aid remedies can be very effectively used at the time of the trauma, they will otherwise need to be cleared as part of the time line, if they weren’t addressed at the time they originally occurred.
  3. Iatrogenic — This has unfortunately become one of the largest categories of disease, and in fact is now the leading cause of death, even more than natural disease such as heart disease or cancer. The iatrogenic dimension of disease is one which is caused by an unlawful application of medicine to a given disease or condition. Antibiotics are suppressive rather than curative when prescribed for an infection, for example. The result is that the original natural disease remains AND a new antibiotics-disease has been added on top. The number of non-curative prescription drugs which people are on has created this vast and deadly category of disease, and it is likewise a critical category to focus on when clearing a patient’s time line.

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